8 Ways Wise Women Prepare for Hurricane Season 

Hurricane season catches people by surprise every year. Even though weather stations talk about it from June through November, it’s easy to let time slip by. Don’t get surprised when the next hurricane heads toward your neighborhood. Learn from people who have been in your shoes by reading about how wise women prepare for hurricane season.

Start an Emergency Savings Account

Whether your home endures a hurricane or tropical storm, you’ll need extra cash to pay for repairs. It’s always a good idea to put money away in a savings account, but consider opening one specifically for storm repairs if you live in a hurricane-prone area.

Some accounts will accrue savings more quickly, like a high-yield savings account. They have higher interest rates — possibly up to 5% each month — compared to the national average of 0.07% for standard savings accounts. As you put money away, it’ll grow much faster and help you cover potential hurricane damage.

Get Home Repair Tools

Even if you don’t consider yourself handy at repairs, it’s wise to get repair tools just in case. You could fix hurricane damage without paying hundreds of dollars out of pocket if you have tools like:

  • A ladder that can reach your roof.
  • A wheelbarrow to collect yard debris.
  • A chainsaw for any fallen trees.

Some damage — like mold due to floodwater in your house — requires a professional’s attention to avoid health complications. However, you could handle other types of damage if you have the right tools at home.

Pick an Evacuation Destination

Think about your family members, friends and other loved ones. Do any of them live close enough for a road trip but far enough to avoid hurricanes? Talk with them about evacuating to their home if necessary. You could also get a hotel room nearby if they don’t have the space to house you and your family.

It’s worth noting which evacuation destinations are animal-friendly if you have family pets. It will limit your options, but you won’t ever have to worry about leaving your furry friends behind to escape a hurricane.

Turn Notifications On

If you have a smartphone, download national and local weather apps. They’ll alert you to any potential storms or changes in an oncoming hurricane. Double-check the alerts are on, too. Hurricanes change paths and intensity quickly, so a notification could make all the difference in giving you a chance to escape to your evacuation destination.

Upgrade Their House

Unless you specifically built your house with hurricanes in mind, you likely bought a home without storm-proof features. It’s always a good idea to look into upgrading your house before hurricanes form so there’s less chance of damage.

Wise women often consider hurricane impact doors for all of their exterior doors. They can withstand high winds and double as intruder protection because their glass won’t break under the average blunt force. If you’re a woman who lives alone, your safety is likely always at the forefront of your mind.

Hurricane windows are another excellent way to upgrade your home. They don’t shatter when withstanding high winds and are water-tight. If floodwaters rise to your windows, they won’t contribute to any water already seeping into your house.

Store Emergency Supplies

People stay in their homes during hurricanes for various reasons. Whether you can’t bring every family member with you, can’t afford to leave, don’t have time or would prefer to stay in your house, you’ll need emergency supplies.

Stock up before the next hurricane forecast to create a helpful supply kit. You’ll need an external charging bank for all your electronics and potentially a battery-powered disposable phone if your phone takes on water damage.

It’s also wise to get canned food and bottled water when there isn’t a desperate crowd emptying the shelves at your local grocery store. Save them in a place with an emergency medical kit and check the expiration dates on the food often.

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