Simple Home Upgrades to Try This Fall

Fall is the perfect time for upgrading your house. For part of the season, it’s warm enough outside to wrap up your summer projects, and when the weather gets cold, you have the perfect opportunity to start taking care of your house on the inside.

Fall is a season of transition, so it could be the perfect opportunity to take care of some things you’ve been thinking of changing. These simple projects could greatly upgrade your home, whether helping to prevent further issues in the winter or enhancing your house’s aesthetic appeal.

Clean Your Gutters

You should clean your gutters throughout fall, especially if you live in an area with many trees. Gutters can clog up quickly and cause water damage to your house’s foundation if you aren’t careful. Luckily, you can clean out your gutters on your own without professional help.

When you clean your gutters, ensure you’re keeping yourself as safe as possible. You should always wear thick gloves when touching your gutters, just in case something sharp is hiding in the debris. If you’re worried about hurting yourself, leave this task to the professionals and move on to something a little bit easier.

Repaint Your Door

If you’re looking for a way to brighten your home for the fall, try repainting your door. Whether you’re touching up a current color or trying something new, you can be sure that a fresh coat of paint will add to your house’s curb appeal. It might not be the right time of the year to get your flowerbeds up to par, but you can refresh your home in other ways.

Choose a front door color that represents you. If you’d like your home to appear more elegant and down-to-earth, you might choose a darker color. If your house is more whimsical and fun, you might choose a light blue or pink that makes your home stand out from the others on the street.

Power Wash Your Home

Another great way to enhance your curb appeal is to remove all the grime from your house that’s been stuck there over the past few seasons. If you can’t remember the last time you power washed your home or driveway, it’s time to get it done.

You might be surprised with how bright your house appears after you’ve removed the dirt from it. Be careful when power washing your home and follow all safety guidelines.

Install Wall Frames

Wall frames are a quick and easy way to upgrade the appearance of your home. They add dimension to your homeand create some depth that can draw visitors’ eyes. It’s an excellent option for minimalistic people who don’t want to fill their room with furniture or artwork to get rid of white space.

Another great place to include wall frames is on your staircase. Long staircases can be boring without something to break up the monotony. Wall frames can make your staircase feel like part of your home rather than an access point to get from place to place.

Wall frames come in different shapes, sizes, and styles. Installing them in your living room or staircase will add a focal point to the space and be a great way to showcase your personality. It’s up to you what to put inside the frames.

Choose your pick from your favorite family photos or minimalist art from a local artist. Or you can simply leave it blank. The most important thing is that the frames are securely drilled into place. A wobbly wall frame will is an accident waiting to happen.

Clean Your Lawn Equipment

With summer on the way out, you may not be tending to your lawn as much over the coming months. Before you store your equipment for the winter, make sure to clean them and remove any debris stuck in them.

Taking care of them now will save you time, effort, and frustration when you pull them out to work on your lawn in the spring. Make sure to store them safely so they’ll be ready to go once the weather warms up again.

Inspect Your Roof

Before cold weather comes around, you should take care of your roof. Inspect it yourself or get a professional to look for any issues. Any potential problems should be solved before winter hits, when it becomes too dangerous to get on the roof and check for issues. Repair any loose shingles to keep out the worst of the winter weather and avoid any damage to your house.

In the winter, water can freeze and turn to ice, which can warp gutters and damage the home. These ice dams and buildups can make you lose heat at the very least, while at the worst, it could cause warping in your foundations. You may have to hire a professional to clear your roof if conditions worsen, but keeping your gutters clean can prevent water from damming up and refreezing.

Seal Your Windows

When the cold weather comes, you’ll want to conserve as much heat as possible in your home. While upgrading your windows might be a costly upgrade, you can take simple steps on a budget to make sure your windows are more energy-efficient for the winter.

Consider replacing the weather stripping around your doors and windows to keep the cold air out and the warm air in. You can also easily apply new caulk around your windows with a caulking gun to help seal in some of the air you want in your home.

Spend Your Fall Making Change

Your home deserves something new this season, too. Upgrades don’t have to cost a lot or look drastically different to serve you well. They can be both functional and aesthetic upgrades, whether you plan to sell your home or stay there for years. As the seasons change, you can choose to integrate new things into your home.These simple upgrades can keep you busy for a fall weekend and make you feel prouder about your home and the items within it.

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