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2011 Resolution and Fashion Transformation

Everyone knows my love for ballet and fashion. I got the pleasure of styling a “fusion” style shoot with Click Magazine and I just had to share the photos, along with my 2011 New Year’s resolution that developed my new found love for the art of ballet!

It was December 2011 and I was contemplating my New Years Resolution. I didn’t want to commit to the typical “eat healthy” or “workout 5 days a week” challenge. Choosing a resolution that not only benefited my body, but strengthened my soul and helped me to connect the physical with the mental aspect of my health was very important.

I was up late watching a reality TV show about a woman who wanted to challenge herself to master a sport that she thought she may be too old to accomplish and my wheels started turning. “That’s it! I will try something that I have always wanted to do as a child but never got the opportunity…I will try ballet!”

I searched ballet classes in my area and decided Ballet Memphis would be the best fit. After calling Ballet Memphis to retrieve a list of ballet necessities, I was off to the local dance shop. Not going to lie, I was SUPER excited to get my first pair of ballet slippers and a super cute leotard…..YES…LEOTARD. I did feel a little silly but hey, if I was going to learn to be a ballerina, I needed to look the part.

My first class was very confusing and intimidating, everyone seemed to be way more advanced that I was but as you all know, I am a super determined person and not one to really care what others think, or if I look like a fool, so as you can probably imagine, I frolicked around the dance floor like I was a master…. Thank the Lord there was no video of this.

My first month was a big ball of confusion with the french terms, the correct postures, and the ballet combinations but I powered through and began to get pretty good at the sport. Once ballet began to become more natural, I was able to really pull from within and put more emotion into my moves. It became extremely therapeutic.

When I found out I was pregnant, ballet was put on hold. I still liked to dance every now and then in the privacy of my home but rarely got the opportunity as I am super busy and had no equipment. After telling my husband that I really wished I had a ballet studio close to home so that I could still dance, he and my mother surprised me with a ballet bar and tv for training videos!

We are currently working on my mini, in home ballet studio so that I can get back into the art. My goal is to one day be in a ballet. I may only get a background part, but that will be one more accomplishment and a check off the bucket list for me!

Photos By: Louis Tucker

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