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Wedding Fashion: Attire for Wedding Guests

I always get the question, what should I wear to a wedding. Can I wear black? Is it appropriate to wear bright colors? How should I balance classy and sexy? I’m pregnant, what should I wear to a wedding? In this post, I will answer these questions and showcase this seasons hottest wedding event wear.


Can I wear black to a wedding?
If the wedding is after 5 pm, absolutely. If you are still unsure, choose a primarily black dress with a complimentary color such as Navy.

What should I wear to an evening wedding?
I always suggest classic cocktail dresses in nude, navy, or black tones. Satin fabrics are perfect for evening weddings.

Evening Wedding Wear: This Fall/Winter wedding season is all about lace, nudes, and a lined dresses. Think fancier cocktail attire. 

How should I balance classy and sexy?

Strapless and v-neck dresses are great however you should mind the “girls” (aka breast area). Don;t be “THAT GIRL” with the over-sized cleavage. Off the shoulder dresses are all the rage this Fall, just be sure not to wear a strapless push up to keep the class.

Is it appropriate to wear bright colors?
I say, if it isn’t white, it’s a go, especially for daytime weddings. The 50’s inspired halter dresses are in this fall and for a mid-day wedding, you can’t go wrong with a brightly hued 50’s tea party number.

I’m pregnant, what should I wear?
All of my pregnant ladies know that sporting a dress without looking twice your size is pretty hard. Choose a dress that has a fitted top and ties under the bust. This will help to cinch the waist line for a slimmer more sexy look.

(I’m the pregnant one on the left)
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