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Celeb Favorites: Makeup Tips

Red carpet makeup trends that have all the celebs looking mighty fine and we are showing you how to achieve them! Learn how to properly define your brows, the in hues for your pout, and the new, more natural smokey eye right here in our celeb favorites blog post.


Thin brows are OUT! This season it is all about the fullness and definition! So ladies…quit plucking those brows (with the exception of the space between your eyes and a few wild ones on your lid).

If you want your brows to be perfect for Fall,  you have just enough time to get those brows growing. Don’t pluck…with the exception of the crazy, wild out-of-place hairs. Come September, your brows should be much fuller..but what about defined?

Once you get about a month of growth on those babies you will be ready to visit your local salon for a wax. Make sure you go to a trained professional and let them know you want to go for the “full” look. They will know how to properly shape up your brows for a perfectly defined look.

Of course not all of us can grow our brows to a desired thickness. I am definitely in this group. That is why I created a natural wear, powdered brow pencil to add depth to the brow area. Check out my Adel AmorĀ® EYEBROW PENCIL. I like to call it my “instant brows”.  Blonde to light brown hair would use the soft taupe color and dark brown to black hair would use the dark taupe.

To use:

1. Draw in your brows with the pencil tip. Don’t forget to slightly exaggerate the arch.

2. Then, use the brush on the opposite end to fan out the line and arch. Because this pencil is made of powder, the line will start to diminish, the arch will begin to look more natural, and you will be left with a fuller, more defined brow.


Gwen Stefani and Jessica Alba are no stranger to this reoccurring trend. Bold, luscious lips are in this Summer and Fall, so break out your berry and rougy red lipstick for Summer and save your plum and blood red hues for Fall.
Matte bold lips are best worn with natural shadows and long dark lashes. In order to get the perfect bold lip you will need a lipliner. Often, with dark lip colors, the color will “bleed” or travel past the lip line into fine lines around the lip. A waterproof lipliner will help the lip color to stay on your lips. I use Bordeaux from my line Adel Amor Cosmetics.


Line your lips and rub your lips together to smudge the lip liner color on your lips. Apply the lip color to your lips. Dust powder onto a paper towel and lightly blot your lips. This will set the first coat of lipstick making it last much longer. Finally, apply the last coat of lipstick and …Voile! Perfectly matte bold lips!

If anyone knows how to perfect this look its Keira Knightly. 
Looking great on brown, green, blue, hazel…any eye color, this is a look we can all wear. And good news, the different shades of brown, copper, and neutral shadows will perfectly compliment your Matte Bold Lips this season!



1. Keep the darker brown and copper colors closer to the lid and use the matte, neutral colors to highlight your eye just below the brow bone. I love the Nakeds shadow compact to complete this look.
You can smoke it up just like Keira does in this picture by taking a golden brown shadow and lining your eyes with it. 
2. I prefer using a brown gel liner first and then going over it with the dark brown shadow as it helps the shadow to stick and completes the eyes with a natural smokey look. 
Thank you for reading! 

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