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Christmas with the Scharff’s: Our Traditions

In the short time that we have been a family, Ben and I have come up with a few great traditions. The best part is that Ben is just as excited as I am about starting traditions and I love it. It’s the small things that just feel like home.

Our Traditions

Family Ornaments
We started this tradition when we were just dating. Every year Ben and I choose an ornament for each other to add to the tree. It is so much fun talking about them as we pull them from our decoration box because each one has meaning that only we can understand. Ben has gotten me a ballerina monkey, wine glass and bottle, and an anchor. My picks for him include dice, a leg lamp, and a santa on a motorcycle. This year we got a wedding cake for each other and we can’t forget our personalized family ornament that we get every year.  I think next year we will leave the ornament picking for Jack so that our tree will be decorated with his ornament choices. 
Movie Night

Another great one is movie night! We make some popcorn, snuggle up on the couch, and watch the Polar Express and Elf on a Shelf the week of Christmas. When it’s cold enough, we may even pop on the fireplace. It is such a great little evening of fun between the three of us. 

The Polar Express 
Speaking of watching The Polar Express, we made a new tradition this year by going with the whole family to ride the actual Polar Express to the North Pole. Even at the young age of one, Jack had a blast! He fell in love with one of the cooks and made her hold him while she danced around. We enjoyed hot cocoa and cookies on our way to the North Pole. We will definitely be riding the POlar Express every year.
Zoo Lights 
Since I was a little girl we always went to Starry Nights light show. This year we decided to change it up for a new light show tradition at the zoo. Our zoo has a walking light tour mixed in with their exhibits and rides. Of course Santa makes an appearance and all the kids and adults the same have a ball! I always feel like a kid again at the zoo, now pair that with Christmas lights and I am taken back to the good ole days of childlike Christmas excitement. 
 Santa’s Arrival with Adult Libations
This is a great one for all of the parents out there! After the kiddies are all tucked into bed, we make warm Bailey’s and coffee and wait up for Santa to come. Of course we never get to see him because he waits for us to go to bed, but enjoying a cup of spiked joe and sharing stories makes for a lovely Christmas Eve. 
I believe traditions are important in sharing love and memories as a family. You are welcome to share your traditions below as we could always pick up a few more. 

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