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Facial Makeover: Before & After

Lately my skin has been on the down slide. I have noticed more lines, chapped lips, dark circles, and an uneven skin tone. I needed major skincare rejuvenation so I called Sandra and Dr. Sadler of Memphis Laser Clinic and asked them to take a look at my situation.

Brace yourself! My lips are flaking horribly, I have discoloration under my eyes, my forehead is definitely giving away my age. I handed over total control to Dr. Sadler and Sandra to do whatever they needed to fix this disaster. I want to feel amazing about myself going in to 2016!
Sandra recommended a peel to slough off the dead skin and even out the tone.
Her spa room is incredibly comfortable and soothing. I got into my super comfy spa robe and was immediately relaxed upon lying down.
Her touch is so soothing. It’s hard to believe this facial was corrective as it felt like a face massage. I was in and out of consciousness during the treatment. I could definitely get used to this!


Next, I was off to Dr. Sadler’s room.  He recommended Botox to remove the wrinkles. As I said, I surrendered my face as Sandra and Dr. Sadler know what’s best when it comes to facial concerns. I was quite nervous but it was a breeze. A few pricks around the problems spots on my forehead and it was over in 10 minutes.


When it was all said and done Dr. Sadler and Sandra recommended some of their favorite product and I can definitely tell a difference in my skin. Even better, these products are specific to medical spas so they have medical grade treatments infused into the ingredients.
and now for the “non-makeup” after photo….
Immediately after my visit my skin was glowing! I felt hydrated, fresh, and pretty. I recommend Memphis Laser Spa to anyone looking for some skincare lovin’

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