Emerging Designer: Meggy Muller

I had the pleasure of interviewing emerging designer, Meggy Muller before her fashion debut at this year’s 2016 Memphis Fashion Week. I must say, this young, ambitious woman will no doubt climb the ranks to fashion mogul in no time.

Watch out Memphis, it seems that we have a budding fashion queen on our hands. Meggy Muller only 16 years old, already has fashion college experience under her belt with plans for furthering her education in some of America’s most notable fashion schools. As we chat in a lovely little sitting area at her mom’s super cute boutique, More Therapy, I get to learn more about Meggy’s hobbies, aspirations, and accomplishments.
ME: What has inspired you to pursue a career in fashion design? 
MEGGY: My mom’s boutique, More Therapy. Growing up in the fashion scene and getting to attend apparel market inspired me to one day become a fashion designer. 
ME: Is this your first fashion piece?
MEGGY: This is my first piece of apparel, but not my first line. I did start a line of headbands and jewelry in 5th grade called Chandler’s Creations.
ME: So, how long ago did you learn to sew?
MEGGY: In 4th grade. I learned on my great grandmother’s sewing machine and I still use it to this day. 
ME: Do you plan on pursuing a fashion major in your college career? 
MEGGY: Well I have already attended Savannah College of Art this past summer to study fashion and will be attending Parsons College in New York City this summer to further my studies in the fashion field. I hope to attend Parsons or FIT once I graduate high school. 
ME: What do you do outside of fashion design and creation?
MEGGY: I play tennis and golf at my high school.
ME: What is your inspiration for the Memphis Fashion Week piece that you designed?
MEGGY: I was inspired by the green colors of Spring. The top is made of a printed chiffon and the underlining of the skirt piece is also the same pattern and fabric. 
“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.” – Coco Chanel
Meggy’s Favorite Quote

Dress – Meggy Muller Design | Jewelry – Kitty Kyle
You can see Meggy’s dress on Memphis Fashion Week’s runway April 8th at the Cadre Building and April 9th at the Memphis College of Arts. Purchase tickets to the events, just click here!

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