Replenish Memphis: Whole Body Detox Diet

Most of you know that I am going through a transformation, in my Journey to 30 series on the blog. Part of my exploration is to become a healthier me. Angel with Replenish Memphis, is getting me ready for a healthier lifestyle with a whole body detox juice cleanse.

As a start to healthier consumption, I decided that a cleanse was in order to rid myself of toxins and start fresh! I contacted Angel with Replenish Memphis for several reasons.
  • She is an EXPERT! She knows her stuff! And she is FAB!
  • Her product is quality and handmade with no preservatives or concentrates.
  • She is a small local business…we should all support small business in America!
  • When getting started, I was thrilled to discover that I had options! Angel explained all of her different cleansing menus to me so that I could pick the cleanse best suited for my lifestyle. She has a variety for every taste bud! I decided to go with the Soothing Replenish.

    The Soothing Replenish (1 day)
    3 Green Acres, 2 Terrific Turmeric, 1 Chamomile Lavender Mint Tea for calming and clear thinking 

    Once my cleanse was chosen,  I picked up a probiotic as Angel recommended one due to the intensity of the natural cleanse. During the detox, I will drink 6 juices a day, one every 2 hours with a full glass of water after each one. If I feel that I need more than just the juice to satisfy my appetite, I can eat raw fruit and veg to hold me over. Angel recommends Rawfully Organic for delicious raw deliveries and organic lifestyle ideas. I discovered Rawmazing for unique raw recipes. Check out the Brussel Sprouts Chips, Black Bean Sweet Potato and Quinoa Stew, and the Save Your Breasts Salad. I am so excited to explore the raw lifestyle and complete the cleanse challenge. 
    I have completed the 4 to 5 day diet prep of eating clean and mostly raw before the cleanse and tomorrow I start day 1 of juicing. Next week I will report my results! Angel believes in her product and wants others to be able to experience the benefits, so stay tuned for my follow up post as we will be giving away a free one day cleanse including 6 juices (valued at $48). 
    Thank you for reading!  
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