Interview: Entrepreneur Mary Claire

I have had some great feedback on the interviews pieces I have been putting up lately so I decided to start a City Chic Living interview series to go live every Tuesday. I got to interview Mary Claire, of Falling Into Place Boutique, a truly uniquely inspiring entrepreneur.


ME: What is the inspiration for your store?

Mary Claire: When I was in 7th grade, I walked into a boutique in Middleberry Vermont called the Glass Bead Game. I fell in love with it. As a young girl I started to query the owner on how to start a boutique like hers. Later in life, I married a very talented carpenter. He designed really awesome furniture and I started to rethink my 7th grade dream. I began to roll the idea around in my head as a storefront idea. I decided that my store would have mainly handmade goods and the ideas that are not are manufactured in an very ethical way or with an independent designer in mind.

ME: What made you decide to go into business for yourself?
Marie Claire: I majored in PR and got my bachelors at University of Memphis but during that time I had my own faux finishing company. We decided to start a family so I had to discontinue my business because of the oil paints and the fumes that can be harmful for a baby. I found another job but started making candles and bath and body products on the side. I called this business, the Passion Flower Soaps and Sundries Company. In 2012 I relaunched the company as Mary Claire White Candle Company. Right before my daughter started school I went back and got my masters in Education and began to teach while continuing my candle company on the side. This past year, I left my teaching job to begin working on the plan for, Falling Into Place.


ME: What is your personal style?
Marie Claire: I don’t know. I have had people say that I am edgy…I don’t relate to that at all. Others say that my style is feminine but not in the way that everyone else sees feminine. Right now, in this “season” of my life, I am feeling simple classic neutrals…. and dainty jewelry, but a lot of it. Where one person may wear one ring, I will wear like, 7 or 8. It’s really whatever I feel. I have learned that my style evolves through age. The things that you really like make you, YOU and I think it reflects in what you put on. Fashion is a very cool form of self expression

Mary Claire’s Falling Into Place is located at 2613 Broad Avenue in Memphis, TN. You are sure to find unique treasures in this lovely little shop. She also has a very cozy event space located behind her shop in the Falling Into Place Courtyard. It is the perfect little place for an evening soiree.

Thank you for reading!

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