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3 Best Beauty Accessories + Giveaway

I am always raving about actual cosmetic products, but beauty accessories deserve some love too! These 3 products are items that I use EVERY day to keep a fresh face and flawless look.

3 Best Beauty Accessories
The Makeup Eraser
This thing is miraculous! When I first received the product to review, I have to admit, I was very apprehensive of the claims. Surely just water and a cloth will not take off my eye liner and mascara without needing to use an eye makeup remover. I was totally wrong. My face was squeaky clean….literally. I have never had my face feel this clean, even with a foam cleanser. Check out the demo video!

I just has to call the company and request that they send one for a giveaway. They are so great, they asked if I wanted a couple! So we will be giving away 2 makeup erasers at the end of this post! Can’t wait until the giveaway is over? Click here to buy in The Ivory Closet online boutique.

The Ellen Tracey Extractor 
I know it may sound gross but I am obsessed with picking at my face…and pretty much anyone’s face who needs a substantial cleaning. If the boutique thing doesn’t work out, I think I will probably go back to school to be an aesthetician. My most “can’t live without” beauty accessory is my Ellen Tracey extractor. If it wasn’t for this product, I would have little scars and scabs from the continuous cleaning of my pores. With the extractor tool, if used right, you will have no scars or bleeding when cleaning out pores. 

Sephora #74 Brush
With the current craze of contouring in the makeup industry, every woman needs the perfect blush/contouring brush. After falling in love with my Anastasia contouring powders, I set out o the search for a new brush. The one I had was too big. I came across Sephora’s #74 brush for blush and contouring and quickly added it to my brush collection. It has become, just abut, the only brush I use. It is the perfect size for precise application of my highlighter, bronzer, and blush. After contouring, I actually use the left over powder on the brush, after contouring, to brush on my eyelids before lining, as a quick shadow. 

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