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Fashion School: How to Rock the Crop

“I’m too old for the crop!” I hear this on the daily in the shop. I am going to admit, I felt the same way about the fad too. I mean, I’m a mommy, why would I want to show my midriff? I have to admit, I had grown warmer to the idea and decided to rock the top, the mom way.

The lesson for today is, how to tastefully rock the crop. If you are over 25, a mom, or do not feel your best, as far as weight goes, these tips are for you…and me, because I am all of these! Start with a pair of high waisted bottoms. Whether it be a skirt, sailor pants, palazzo pants, or high top shorts, find bottoms that come right up to your belly button. In the picture above, my shorts are just about a half inch shy of my belly button.
Next, choose an unfitted crop top that hits the waist line of your bottoms. This will create an elegant flow while also covering anything you don’t want the world to see. Best of all, because your bottoms are more fitted and your top is short and flowy, your waist line will look slimmer.  In the picture above, I chose a flowy crop that is slightly longer in the front than in the back. This moves the emphasis to the lower back. With these easy steps, you can rock this trend without showing off too much and feeling fabulous all the same!

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