Mary Conley : Professional Stylist and NBA Wife

We are so lucky to have such influential women, such as Mary Conley, entering the Memphis fashion scene. Last week I got to chat with this awesome and very beautiful mother-to-be during a City Chic Living photo shoot. I learned so much about her career as a fashion stylist, her life as a Grizz wife, and her passion for gardening.

ME: How did you get into fashion?
​Mary: I have always been very passionate about fashion. I remember the first time I was able to touch a pair of designer heels. I had a photo from a magazine taped to my desk of these Gucci heels with black straps and gold studs, I walked into Saks and there they were! The feeling I had when I got to hold that shoe… and it was only a shoe! My hands were shaking and I got really hot. Again, I was only touching a shoe! I started working in retail after college (graduating with a degree in biology from Ohio State) when I moved to Memphis which was a great opportunity to learn about fashion from a different angle. The more I learn about the fashion industry the more passionate I become.  
Dress – The Ivory Closet |  Necklace & Bracelet – The Ivory Closet – Styled by: Alexandra Nicole
ME: How would you describe your style?

​Mary: This is a great question, I would like to know how others describe my style. I wear so many different styles I can’t narrow it to one. ​I love to wear loose clothes that have more of a bohemian vibe and add a leather jacket but I also like to wear jeans with structured blazers. My style changes based on my mood and where I am going but I do like for there to be an effortless feel to my outfits.

ME: What is your fashion inspiration?
​Mary: I get fashion inspiration from pretty much everywhere. People on the streets, nature, magazines​, anything that catches my eye. 
ME: What is the best style advice you have ever received or could ever give?

Mary: ​It is really important to know your body and dress for what looks best on you. Not every trend is going to work for every person. If you aren’t comfortable in what you are wearing it is probably not the best choice for you.

ME: What is your favorite saying or motto?

​Mary: “Happiness is only real when shared”​

Thank you so much for reading and special thank you to Mary! So glad to have you on the blog!
Stay tuned for more inspirational women in my weekly interview sessions.

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