Fashion School: How to Take a Day Look into the Gym


If you are forever busy, like me, you have no time in between work, running errands, picking up the kids, and going to the gym to actually get ready for your workout. Every morning I check my calendar and it seems that I am going to have a crazy busy day, I pick a look that can be dressed up by day and cross over to the gym in the evening.


Every gal should have some sort of over-sized black tunic and a pair of black leggings. Throw on some jewelry and heels (which I did not wear this day) and you have a great casual day look. For those of you that do not work in a super professional setting, this is a perfectly classy work look. Of course a vibrantly colored lip dresses up the look even more.

When you are ready for the gym, all you have to do is wipe off the lipstick, pull up the hair, and throw on your kicks. The leggings are super easy to move in and the tunic style top isn’t too constraining for a productive workout. 
Thank you for reading!

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