Interview: Local Artist Debbie Pacheco

It’s in her genes, Debbie Likley Pacheco is a fabulous Memphis artist with a unique view of the world around her expressed through her beautiful paintings. After showcasing Debbie’s artwork in one of my shops, The Attic, I fell IN LOVE with her style.

ME: How did you get into the world of art?
Debbie: In college I studied Graphic Design and afterwards worked as an Art Director but always painted on the side. Eventually I gave up advertising to paint full time. Even when I married and had my two boys  I continued to paint during their naps and at night. I feel very blessed to be able to do what I love everyday.
ME: Did painting seem to come natural to you?
Debbie: I am the daughter of a talented artist who gave up art to provide for a family. However, he taught me along with my sister and brother how to draw and paint as soon as we could hold a pencil. I never stopped.

ME: What is the inspiration behind your pieces?
Debbie: I have always been drawn to people and their stories. Everyone has one. My paintings are a passing moment caught. Sometimes the image is clear and sometimes blurred. My hope is that the viewer will stop in their day and linger with those they come in contact with to uncover stories and see others more clearly.

ME: What is your favorite quote?
Debbie:  Love your neighbor as yourself.

Come by The Attic Apparel in Overton Square to check out several of Debbie’s beautiful pieces. And..YES…if you fall in love with one, which I am willing to bet that you will, you can purchase one right off the sales floor wall!

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