How to Fix Your Bra-Limma

As women we all face it…bra issues… What’s my size? Which one is the most comfortable? Straps or no straps? So many questions for such the seemingly simple task of putting on a bra.

My biggest challenge tends to be the choice of comfort over looks! Not speaking for all, but many of us smaller chested ladies want to look a little “fuller” than what we actually are. Who doesn’t want bubbly, perky friends?

After having a baby and hitting the BIG 30, I traded my Vicky’s Secret’s Bombshell devices for the more comfortable, seamless t-shirt bras. Every now and then I want to feel “like a woman” under my wardrobe and that’s when I choose the very stylish and oh so comfy lace bralettes.

Brablem Solvers

Want 15% off all of these bras? Just go to and use the promo code: BRABLEMS at checkout!

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