What Is Your Campaign? Win a Custom City Campaign Cap


With all of the negative media in the world, I find myself craving for positive nourishment. After pondering ways I could make a difference, I am always brought back to my companies and blog.

As one of the leaders in my small business community, I should be using my business for good! After thinking about all of the things we could get involved in and are involved in, I decided that in order to take it to the next level I needed to start a movement.

The top selling accessory in my shops right now are the city code caps that I have been making on my embroidery machine. I also know that my millennial market love to be social in all aspects of their life, good or bad. The idea of posting more positivity on social media came to mind, but how do you tell everyone to just go post a positive comment? There needed to be more….

Then the light bulb flickered….give them something to post! What if we took our top selling accessory sku and made it more than just a fashion statement, but a statement towards positivity? That’s it! An Ivory Closet Cap Campaign! We reached out to the market to get opinions and the excitement of our customers to be a part of something good exploded.


1. Snag an official custom campaign cap from The Ivory Closet. (I have included the options below.) I can custom embroider any city code onto any style that you choose! 
2. Take a photo with your cap at your favorite city monument or at a location that represents you or your style. 
3. Post your photo on Instagram or Facebook, tell us what you are campaigning for and how you will make a difference (it can be anything to promote positivity), and tag all three of the following so that we can be sure to see your post and feature you: @iccampaign  @shoptheivorycloset  #theiccampaign
IDEAS TO CAMPAIGN: End to Sex Trafficking, Against Drug Violence, Women Empowered, Positive Thinking in Our Youth, etc.

What am I campaigning?

Positive Work Ethic Among Our Youth and Future Leaders. I feel a lot of our current generation of future leaders have a deficit in their skill set to take initiative and think outside of the box when it comes to applying their knowledge and training to a job setting.

 How will I take the step to make a difference?

I have decided to start an internship program for high school students in my shops. It will just be one day a week for about 4 hours. They will come and work along side of one of our floor stylists learning basic job skills such as, customer service, sales, interacting in a team environment, completing delegated tasks, and more. I feel like early job training in our youth will help to groom them for the real world leadership situations and opportunities that will arise in their near future.




Want to join us in the campaign?

The Ivory Closet is giving away a free customer campaign cap!
Just sign up below to be entered to win.

Thank you so much for reading and I can’t wait to hear what you will be campaigning for in your city!

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