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Retro Fashion for Boys

If you are a momma to little boys, you know that FASHION IS HARD! It is so easy to walk into any store with children’s clothing and find the cutest pieces for little girls but when it comes to boys, everything is so….BASIC!

After searching high and low for little boy’s fashion items that are not too “kiddy,” if you know what I mean,  I have fallen hard for Old Navy’s awesome selection.

All of their clothing items are super cute while also being functional. Believe it or not, I took these photos of Jack after a long day at school. He had been playing on the play ground, had Popsicle stains on his mouth, and had really hit it hard rough housing in the gym, as little boys do and yet his clothes managed to still look suitable when I went to pick him up! Talk about making children’s fashion with kids in mind!


For all you mommas who want to dress your little boy in style without emptying the piggy bank, head on over to Old Navy and load up!



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