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The Best Classic Comfortable Fashion

Momma’s, do you struggle to stay stylish while spinning all of the plates above our head on the daily? I know I do! I have to admit, I began to loose a little self worth after months of selflessly caring for my family. I am not complaining, I love my boys and husband, but I unknowingly began neglecting myself so that I could make sure my whole family is satisfied, and then I realized on simple change that would help me conquer the day with confidence.

Can we say “Thank you Lord for athleisure wear?” I mean, I must admit, it sounds silly but I learned a little something about myself. When I feel good about the way I am presenting myself, I feel more confident and proud than when I am struggling to get put together. “But where is the time?” you ask.


Well thanks to athleisure wear, there is no time needed. Think of it as a dressed up yoga outfit. Sounds totally comfy right? Well it is!


All you need is some cozy yoga / workout leggings, a pair of black tennis shoes, a long tank for layering, your favorit graphic tee or just a plain comfy tee, and a black sweater or stylish jacket. Why am I being so particular on the necessities for  a classy athleisure look? Well let me explain….

Black shoes specifically are needed to add a more “put together” aura to your yoga wear. I prefer the layered look when dressing up active wear because it adds dimension to your outfit. I recommend my most favorite layering/slimming tanks and the onlynes I own, my brand, Ellen Anchor Reversible Slimming tanks. I love the mocha and black color the best.


I love my thick INC sweater jacket as I have had it for over 7 years and it has not gotten worn out yet. Talk about timeless. But this year I have gotten this super sleek black puffer jacket at my shop and the complements are endless!



You can wear a solid loose tee over your slimming tank or, you can choose your favorite graphic tee. Either one is fine. In this post I am wearing the Chanel inspired Area Code tee. We can actually make them in any area code at The Ivory Closet! Just reach out to info@ivorycloset.com to inquire about your area code!





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