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Best Hair Trends by Color Type

Truth… I have not gotten my hair done since November 2018. Not a cut. Not a color. Life of a business momma for sure! Today I went into Eva Boutique Salon looking like the picture above and in this post, you will see my after picture, as well as some of my favorite hair trends categorized by natural color types.

Needless to say, today we had to do a lot of damage control on my head. Split ends, brassy tones, I needed a complete hair makeover and April was determined to work her magic and give me the complete transformation that I needed.


I think we can all agree that she totally nailed it with my hair! I am in love with my new summer do. April is definitely the color master and has an eye for ultimate hair makeovers.

After the finishing touches were applied I felt like a completely new woman!

Want a little inspiration for your new look? Here are my favorites categorized by hair color.


blondehairtrends2019-1547726165.jpgImage: ELLE



download KaiaGerber
              Image: REDKEN                                       Image: ALLURE

Beautiful-Brunette-Balayage-Hair-Color-Ideas-for-2018  You-gotta-try-this-balayage-haircolor-this-winter


28b399274ba7ca5ded57b93d6459aa48  2d25cdeee59cd95703ad2912ebd9331c
                                                                                 Image: PINTEREST


Hope these styles helped to inspire!

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