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How to Get Rid of Stubborn Belly Fat

As a mom of two, I would say that I am fairly healthy. I work out a few times a week, make healthy dietary choices most of the time, and stay active with my kiddos. I choose the stairs when available, do my own yard work most of the time, and clean my home daily. With all of the daily activities, healthier eating, and visits to the gym, I can’t seem to blast my mom pocket, or lower abdomen stubborn belly fat. I decided to try a new, popular fat blasting treatment, SculpSure. In this post, I will share my experience.

When making the decision to try the SculpSure treatment, I first researched the following questions:

What causes stubborn belly fat?

There are so many reasons that belly fat can occur, poor diet, lack or exercise, stress. All of these things contribute to fat around the abdomen.

(Getting fitted for the SculpSure plates. The fat in the rectangles as well as the surrounding fat, about 1.5 inches, will be targeted)

What Causes big stomach in females?

Women experience a much larger life change that can cause stubborn belly fat to develop. Menopause. Menopause causes estrogen levels to drop which will distribute body fat to the lower abdomen, thighs, and hips. This fat is super hard to get rid of but can be destructed with a new technology called SculpSure.

DSC_0174-2(Applying the SculpSure plates)

How do you get rid of belly fat?

Most of the websites that I researched said to move as much as possible, eat more protein and fiber, get more restful sleep, maintain a diet with healthy fats, and reduce stress.

After researching, I began to consider my life and lifestyle choices. I am pretty active, have a healthier diet, and while I am stressed, I wouldn’t consider my stress levels to be abnormally high given that I am a single momma for two boys. I decided that my stubborn lower abdomen fat is not going to go away without a little extra help from technology. Of course, I called my friends at A Beautiful You Medical Spa and set up a consultation. Once we decided which areas we would be targeting, we weighed in on the Tanita scale to determine my fat composition, BMI, and other key health metrics.


Then we took my before photos for documentaton and comparison and went over to the treatment room.

Once I was hooked up to the SculpSure machine, Michelle began to explain the lower abdomen, Stubborn belly fat destruction process and the different levels of comfort versus discomfort.


My Experience and Results with SculpSure

In the video below, I am showcasing the actual treatment process. After you will find my before and after photos. In the after photo, I had not changed anything about my lifestyle, exercise, or diet.




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