2020 Most Iconic Pieces in Fashion

Guest Post by Fashion Writer, Mary Davis
Trends and lifestyles are now changing faster than ever thanks to modern technology and our desire for wanting things instantaneously. This couldn’t be more true when speaking about the fashion industry. There are certain pieces that in themselves have become iconoclasts that everyone wants to add to their closets! No matter the gender of the piece, the price or how we got it, these simple, timeless items represent more than just a garment, they are the modern day fashion icons!

GG belt

Interlocking GG Gucci Belt

This belt caused a frenzy when re-launched by Alessandro Michele in 2017. Notice I said relaunch? Because this belt actually was designed in the 70’s and worn by the rich and famous of Italy during that period. The design eventually went into the Gucci vaults, only to be rediscovered by Michele and relaunched in various colors, designs, and sizes. Sure this piece was released a few years ago, but you can still find celebrities and women alike wearing this leather piece of art that will last for years to come.

Balenciaga Speed Trainers

Athleisure hit its peak during the 2010’s and luxury brands made sure to take advantage of it. One of the first things that brands made to reflect this trend, were ultra-comfy sneakers. Balenciaga unarguably, developed the most comfortable athleisure shoe that you wouldn’t DARE to actually go to the gym in! The Speed Trainer hit the runway in 2017 originally in just black and white, eventually going on to being made in about 10 different colorways. When they were first released, you had to stand in line for hours to MAYBE get a pair, put your name on a waitlist and pray you were lucky enough. Now, the hype has calmed and you can find them generally everywhere.


An Off-White T-Shirt

Since the launch of Off-White in Milan by American genius Virgil Abloh, you can find people of all ages donning the infamous “X” type logo and ironic phrases in parenthesis on t-shirts. The great part about these shirts, is that most of the styles are oversized and are styled genderless. More often than not, you’ll see women wearing “men’s” shirts thanks to their fit being a bit more oversized and street-ready. You can get lost in the high fashion, street conceptual world of Off-White on in-the-know fashion sites like Luisaviaroma.com. This is a brand made for everybody, no matter how old or young.

Vintage Prada Nylon Pouches

Prada is the brand that brought Nylon into fashion and decided to make it their signature medium for accessories. Even in shopping the brand at vintage resale shops, consumers are discovering that the quality of Prada is intact after all of these years. So lesson of the day, vintage Prada is just as unique and of outstanding quality as new Prada! 

fendi tights 2

Fendi Tights

We can thank none other than Kim Kardashian for this one! The black semi-transparent FF logo tights were sold out globally for months until very recently. The greatest part of these tights is that they are so easy to style. You can wear the tights under a pair of ripped jeans, giving some major street luxury vibes or even by themselves with a beautiful dress! I love that the styling possibility with these tights are seeming endless. 

These fashion pieces, are timeless statements that can be worn year after year. Rock the trend and stay in style with these icons.

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