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Easy Ways to Refresh Living Room

It’s a new year and we are all looking for ways to refresh our lives. How about with a simple living room refresh? Your first though is probably, how pricey? Well it doesn’t have to be. You can choose a few pieces from my home refresh list to add a little pizazz and pop to any living room.

I love the mid-century modern style that is hitting all of the home decor magazines for so many reasons, mainly because a few decor staple items that fit this decor genre will add pop to any room, whether the style is originally mid-century or not. Below I will go over 4 easy refresh ideas for your living room refresh!

Tips for Refreshing

Throw Pillows & Rugs

Refreshing your throw pillows and rugs can really take an outdated living room into the modern trends. Don’t worry about trying to match your rug with your throw pillows. Mix-matching prints in the same color scheme helps to add dimension to a room.

Wall Art

Wall collages are all the rage in the home decor sector. This is a super easy and fun, personal project to add to a living room. I say personal because the creativity involved in putting a wall collage together often ends up cultivating a work of wall art that is personally meaningful to you. I love browsing Poster Store for fun wall collage ideas!

Side Tables

Now days, you can find a super trendy side table or funky coffee table for less than $100 making this a staple item refresh. I consider large items such as furniture, ceiling lights, or draperies, staple items because they are usually more complicated or costly for a simple refresh but many brands are coming out with super trendy side and coffee tables at very affordable prices!


Many people have really done away with lamps as newer homes have ample ceiling and natural lighting. I personally love a lamp because it is a practical way to display art in your living room. What I mean by that, is to choose a lamp that has an unusual shape or eye catching colors. Even the old vintage lamps with scenes painted on them make great refresh items!

Home Christmas Decorations 

Keep your seasonal decorations in proper organizers before storing them in your garage cabinet. Place delicate trinkets and glass decorations in a cloth bag or padded container to ensure they don’t break when you move them around. If you’re reusing your Christmas tree, store it in an upright tree keeper bag to prevent damage or deformity. Keeping your decorations in proper containers will ensure that they will last for years, saving you time and money. 

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