3 Best Gifts for Newborns

I would love to share a few things that really helped me in the first few months of having Jack, which I have pulled down from the attic for round two! These items are simple but lifesavers when you have a fussy newborn.

Heartbeat Noisemaker

A heartbeat noisemaker was essential in the first few months. Just think, your little one has been listening to the tune of your heart for over 9 months now and then boom, not only is he pulled from his warm comfort place but therre are all kinds of new sounds, lights, colors, and smells. To get Jack to his comfort place, I would swaddle him up and put him in his crib with his giraffe noisemaker that has heartbeat, womb, and other soothing sounds. Not to mention it is super cute and hangs right on the corner of the crib.

The Blanket Matters

In my experience, the softer the blanket the more snooze out of the baby! I am no expert here but plush or soft fuzzy blankets seemed to matter on how much mileage I got out of a nap. Even now that Jack is 2 he asks for his soft blanket and will bury his head into it right before passing out. I have even gone as far as getting a plush sheet for Jack. The softness keeps him cozy and provides extra comfort for sleep filled nights!

The Little Light Show

We got this little lifesaver at Jack’s baby shower and he used it every night when we were crib training. It was a hard transition from co-sleeper to crib at the age of 6 months and this little light show really helped a lot. When you press the button it lights up, the characters move around, and it plays lullabies!  Jack would always fuss when we walked away from the crib so we would just distract him by turning on his light show and sneak away. Within 5 minutes, he would be out! 


These seem like 3 simple items but in my experience, they made the world of difference. As a new momma, you learn by trial and error, constantly trying new things to make your infant happy and more comfortable in their new environment. If you have any other great suggestions, please leave them in the comments below! I would love to learn more from other mommy experts!




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