3 Big Monthly Money Savers

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Who doesn’t like to save money? With the holidays coming up, we are all looking for ways to stash some cash for the gift giving season and I have 3 unique ways to save big, we are talking over a couple $100 a month that I am sharing right here in this post.

Eliminate Your Cell Phone Bill

TextNow provides communication for everyone, no matter the circumstance, or more importantly, the budget. Their Nationwide Talk & Text service includes unlimited calling and texting, even without WiFi, all for free. All you need is a WiFi enabled device, like a smartphone, tablet or even computer. Eliminating a phone bill (saving $120 or more a year) will be a big financial weight off your shoulders! This is a no brainer for bulking up the holiday savings.

Modern Day Budgeting

It is so easy to over spend! Check registers are a thing of the past so how do we add an element of visual to our checking accounts or credit cards? Budgeting apps will have your back. With apps like Simplifi or Mint, you can keep your spending in check, without an outdated check register. It is easier to make spending decisions when you follow your budget and have the ability to see your bank account at your fingertips.

Earn Money While You Shop

Whether you are reserving flights from Expedia or ordering food from places like Postmates, you can shop directly from the Drop app and earn money while doing so! Earn points for every purchase you make so that you can cash them in and spend! This time of year we are all upping our budgets so why not save on what you spend?

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