3 Easy Ways to Stay Healthy

This month I am changing it up a bit! Since the beginning of the year I have been totally focused on my health and finding ways to fit healthy practices in to my “ON THE GO” lifestyle. I am super excited to share 3 things that I have discovered to keep you healthier this month.


Focusing on Gut Health

I have recently discovered the benefits of probiotics! Did you know the word probiotic translates to mean “for life” taken from the greek and latin meanings?

What exactly is a probiotic?
According to the World Health Organization, probiotics are living microorganisms that when consumed in sufficient numbers can provide health benefits that go beyond basic nutrition (http://www.fao.org/3/a-a0512e.pdf).  They have been shown to provide specific health benefits such as supporting gut and immune health and contributing to the maintenance of a balanced gut microbiota, important for the proper functioning of the digestive system and the entire body.

What are probiotics good for?
When ingested in large numbers, probiotics are believed to be beneficial to your digestive system.  Research suggests that regular consumption of some probiotics will help to maintain the balance of the intestinal microflora (The Natural content inside of your digestive system), which can have a wide range of positive effects on intestinal functions. Adding probiotics to your daily diet can help maintain your microflora balance which is needed for overall health. In a nutshell, a healthy consumption may help to boost your immune system and to balance bacteria in your intestinal tract!

I have found a quick and easy way to enhance my gut health with a simple shot of Activia Dailies! It is a small yogurt based smoothie that can be consumed in just a few sips! Taken morning and night, it is quick, easy, and packed with benefits! Oh, and they taste delicious too!


Invest in Your New Healthy Routine

I am a HUGE believer that when you feel like you look good while working out, you are more likely to keep it up, work harder, and notice the results sooner. I used to go to the gym in a t-shirt and whatever lounge pants that I could find in my PJ drawer. It wasn;t until I started putting together fashionable gym outfits that I began to feel more confident in the way I looked and noticed change quicker! More fitted gym clothing will help you to realize the rewards from your hard work. If you are wearing baggy workout clothes, it is easy to become discouraged because you never see yourself lose the inches while working out in the mirror.  It may just be me, but I have also noticed that when I feel like I look good while working out, I work harder and more confidently.

My athletic wear all comes from Fabletics in my monthly subscription. I pay only $29 for 2 pair of compression, slimming leggings valued at over $80! Their leggings always have a high waisted tummy slimming waistband and convenient pockets. I love going back to their website and picking out matching sports bras and tops. I am in love with my Fabletics gear! WANT TO TRY? CLICK HERE!


Making Fitness Super Convenient

To me, this is the HARDEST PART! Of course I have a gym membership, I pay for a yoga studio, and I also subscribe to  krav maga training but with my busy schedule, I am not always able to make the afternoon class that I had planned on attending. That is why I have the FitOn App!

With FitOn, I can workout anytime, anywhere! The other day it was so pretty outside that I decided to do a quick 20 minute workout in between work and picking up the kiddos. I went out into the courtyard at work, set up my phone, and got my fit on! I love that FitOn uses the survey that you complete when signing up to tailor your routines based on your interests. There are hundreds of live and pre-recorded routines, with different completion times to meet your availability. This app is SOOOOO convenient for busy ladies and gents who want to stay focused on their health.

If you would like to join me by putting the FitOn app on your phone, click here and use my special promo code: CITYCHICLIVING50 to get a 7 day free trial and a discounted subscription for only $4 a month!


I hope you found this post helpful and if you have any other best practices for Easy Ways to Keep Healthy, please leave them in the comments below! I am always looking for new routines.

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