3 Key Pieces to the Pregnant Mama Working Wardrobe

When you are pregnant it is such a task to try to find a flattering yet professional business attire. I have my go to look everytime. It worked for baby number one and seems to be falling right into place, as far as fashion goes, for baby number two!

An oversized white button-up blouse from Old Navy. The minute you find out your having a little one, go to Old Navy and grab 5 large womens buttons ups. You will LOVE them. While you are working on getting a bump, the oversized look is super cute with skinnys, but when you have a bump, you can still rock them, they will just look more like a fitted button up!

A buttonless blazer with stretch. I love the Lysse Boyfriend Blazer. it is super comfortable and I can wear my size while or while not with baby. Go buttonless and slim cut. My blazer hugs my curves a bit which helps to slim. The main issue with blazers while pregnant is bust and back for me. I tend to grow a bust and get a little broader in the back. The stretch to this blazer is perfect to accomodate.

A pair of dark H&M skinny maternity jeans work for almost everything. they are super comfortable  for moving around and the high cotton stretch fabric lets your thighs breath. I like the dark pair because I can cuff them with heels to easily dress them up.

BONUS: This one isn’t just for the prego ladies… If you want to keep a very business look, make sure your accessories are classic! I get my designer bags from Sugarplum Consignments and love some great Michael Kors arm candy to match my look.



 I would LOVE some ideas….What are your go to fashion pieces when rocking the professional look?


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