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3 Key Toddler Boy Fashion Pieces for Fall

 Here’s one for the mommas that want affordable yet “little man” style for their boys. Jack is featuring a look for Target’s Fall collection

This fall, 90’s corduroy are back in for all ages. These navy corduroy trousers were only $14.99 paired with the plaid top for $12.50. Stock up on #1 corduroy bottoms in all colors and #2 plaid tops in the same color schemes as the corduroys.

He is just now getting into shoes with larger soles. I worry as a mom because I am afraid that they will be too heavy on his feet and he will fall…after all, he IS still too little to do stair by himself. These boots from Target were the perfect size! Only $24.99 and he was zooming around without a worry or a trip in the world. Make sure your little one has #3 a pair of high top boots for the winter months.

I love that the hipster hair styles are in for the little guys right now too. The cute baby bowl cuts will never get old but the hipster hair adds the cherry on top to the “little man” look.
and of course….special thanks to Target for their AWESOME styles for Toddlers, and Jack’s stylist…his dad!

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