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3 Simple Beauty Tips that = Flawless

Tip #1: Eliminating the Mask Effect
We have all seen it and may have even, unknowingly, been a victim of it, the orange or white line that separates your face from the rest of your body, the mask. Its a fear every woman tries to avoid, while the cameras are determined to bring it out. The best way to ensure that you are not a victim to this makeup faupaw is to use foundation in conjunction with a powder to blend, blend, blend. You may need a different shade of foundation from your powder.

Make sure to always match your foundation with the skin color of your face. If you are like me, and do everything you can to shield your face from the sun, you probably have a shade contrast between your face and body. Not to worry, powder can be used to bring your face up a shade.
After applying foundation and blending it to the neck as much as possible, use a powder set your base and to match your face with your neck. If you tend to be on the lighter side and there is no contrast between your face and body, use a powder that matches your foundation to set the makeup, however if you see a contrast and need a shade boost, choose a powder that is one shade darker than your makeup and apply with a powder brush, blending down to the neck. Bronzers can always be used on any skin shade to accentuate your structure and add a glow. 

Tip #2: Camouflaging Imperfections  

Planning a wedding can be very stressful and take from valuable sleeping time resulting in puffy eyes with dark circles. Photo touch concealers are a must!
Not to fear, Adel Amor’s Photo Touch Concealer is here. Skin Optic Light Technology, light-reflective minerals, and line-filling Corrective Micro-Spheres deliver the ultimate in camouflage technology. Apply your photo touch concealer on top of your foundation. Photo touch concealers tend to have light reflecting particles that are essential to the effectiveness of the product. If you cover the concealer with your foundation, the light reflective particles are covered up and will not do their job. For olive or dark skin tones, choose a concealer with a slightly peachy hue. 
Tip #3: Chiseled Cheeks 

Face framing and structuring can make all the difference in accentuating your best facial features. To draw attention to your eyes, shaping your brows help to do the trick, but contouring your cheeks in combination will have your eyes the center of everyone’s attention.
Start by applying a bright pop of color to the balls of your cheeks and following the cheek bone up towards your temple. Then, use a bronzer to deepen the area below your cheekbone. This will help to raise the cheekbone even more and also to brighten up your blush. Also dust a little bit of the bronzer across the forehead and along the jawline. These are places that the sun naturally “kisses,” therefore you will be sure to get the “SUN-KISSED GLOW!” 

These 3 easy tips will insure flawless skin while giving you a more defined facial structure. <3

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