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3 Spring Personalities – Which are you?

This spring will be super exciting for the fashion industry because for the first time in SEVERAL years, we are seeing a change in the usual neutral leather accessories. This spring we are seeing Dramatic Classics, Hollywood Glam, and Boho Prep! Each of these styles derived from a recycled trend all making their grand entrance back into the fashion scene but this time, meshed together for some funky fun! Which accessory personality are you?


Cursed is the one who refers to you as the girly girl. You love pink but hate the cliche as you are not the typical pink gal. This is Barbie doesn’t take any SH*T! 
My Boho Prep combo includes my very favorite spring matte liquid lipstick, Doll Baby. This shade is a cross between pink and nude. Just enough color to wash away the wash out. My favorite item in this set is the Pineapple Headband. The perfect amount of retro prep.  Of course you can’t hit up spring break without a Beauty Blender in your beach bag. Better yet, snag a Miley clutch and toss it in your beach tote to keep your cosmetics, cash, and id sorted. Finish off the look with a pair of boho Retro Sunglasses.


The dramatic classic chic is the one who boasts classic Monroe style with over the top accents. I feel like I best fit into this one. Give me the Jackie O Maude glasses, some great matte lipstick, a little bit of Chanel and I will be on my way. This Paris Box bag looks very much like a bottle of Chanel parfum but in this bottle, you can tote more than just your fragrance. (This one is launching at The Ivory Closet next week!) I am loving the updated version of pearls this past fall and upcoming spring. Iridescent pastel glass beads will always add more pizzazz and the more bangles…the better!


DAAAAALING….do the flashes follow you where ever you go? You want to embrace the fierceness and the glam of LA and its inhabitants? Well you will get of to a great start with accessories like these. The Tac Clutch has been the newest edition to my handbag collection. Of course you wouldn’t even come close to achieving the Hollywood in Hollywood Glam without a pair of Gala glasses. The LA glam gal always wears a statement front and center, right around the neck, and the Eva Necklace achieves just that! Keep your neckwear the center piece and accent with studs. As for lip color, do I really need to explain the color? Of course you only slay in Hollywood with Red (Liquid Matte Lipstick Slay)

Which personality will you embrace this spring? Would love to hear your take in the comments. 
Thank you for reading!



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