3 Spring Trends for Over 30’s

This Spring has some really great trends for ladies that are more conservative with their fashion choices. In this post I will share three of my favorites!

I am super thrilled about the change in fashion this year. It seems as though the past 5 years of seasonal fashion changes have been pretty stagnant. This year, not only do we have some great fashion trends but the style is perfect for us 30 something women with style.

Ripped jeans are nothing new, however the repaired denim are! Rip and repair jeans have hit the season hard and women of all ages, shapes, and sizes are sporting them. My favorite pair thus far are my Lola RR denim. I love the raw edge around the bottom with the ripped slits and repaired holes on the knees. 

I am swooning over the cozy knits this spring. I have paired this Olive and Oak sweater with a pair of rip and repair denim but it would be equally as cute with white denim shorts and some leather flip flops. One of my favorite things about the knits this season is that they all seem to have some sort of cut out, whether it be down the back, front, or rips throughout, this small detail makes it spring wardrobe worthy.


Heeled sandals are already sexy, but the basket weaved fronts add extra appeal. If you can;t find basket weave, you can go with any heel or wedge with a cut out.


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