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3 Tips to a Fashionable Pregnancy


Feeling fashionable while being pregnant is pretty tough….this is my second time around and I have much less motivation this time than I did the first time I was pregnant, which means it is damn near impossible! With your first child, you are super excited to get into the maternity world of fashion but once you are on number two, you are WAAAAYYY too tired to get it together when it comes to style.  For some of us, the first time around is equally exhausting. Wait…isn’t this supposed to be a post on carrying fashionably? Yes mam! When it comes to rocking the trend while pregnant, I have the answers to get you motivated and keep you in style check.


Tip #1

Before you can get down with the get down, you have to have the motivation. Yes, yes…I know…I just went on and on about how I dread my fashion attempts while pregnant, but honestly it is because there is a little bit of insecurity and a lot a bit of “what’s the point?”. Well, the point is we are still women, prego or not, and during this remarkable transformation of our bodies, we should feel more feminine and proud than ever before. This beautiful vessel that God has given us is creating a home that God will gift to another soul! The creation of LIFE….I AM WOMAN….HEAR ME ROAR!!! Ok, Ok, I digress, but….when I think about it that way, I feel much more attractive, powerful, feminine, and worthy of a solid fashion effort than ever before. Getting motivated to feel pretty while pregnant helps to boost the moods and lift the spirits so that you can present your bump to the world while feeling lovely.

Tip #2

Now that we’ve gotten the mushy gushy “feelings” part out of the way. Let’s get down to business. ROCK THE CROP! Yes, you are never to old for a tastefully cropped top. In this outfit, I am wearing a high-waisted skirt, from The Ivory Closet, that sits right above my emerging bump and and a flowy cropped blouse that overlaps the skirt perfectly. Of course if I lift my arms a little bit of skin shows but it is “sexy skin”. In this outfit I chose a crop from H&M. This top would look super cute with some high-waisted palazzos or sailor pants!

Tip #3

Fitted maternity clothes can be pricey so most women opt for solid oversized tops and shift dresses to keep the pocket book happy. To keep it fashionable on a budget, amp up the accessories! Choose statement necklaces, big bracelets, and great bags. If you aren’t keen on bulkier necklaces, keep the dainty charms and go big with earrings instead. In this outfit I choose a classy gold necklace with a pastel pink glass charm from The Ivory Closet. I love fun arm candy so I chose a bulky, bright green boho bangle from Sugarplum Consignments.

So there you have it! If fashion is your passion before pregnancy, keep it up to help keep the mood up. Rock the trends while you rock your bump! You may have to make minor adjustments to keep it tasteful for your momma status but that’s the beauty of it. Pregnancy is magnificent and a miracle in itself. Be proud. Enjoy it. Flaunt it. Carry Fashionably!




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