3 Ways to Make Your Small Business More Professional

I have been having so much fun bringing you tips and tricks for small businesses. Today I will be sharing 3 basics of business that seem to be very easily overlooked these days but still remain very important for keeping it professional.

Business Line and Voicemail

Last month I talked about creating the perfect business voicemail. The main question that I got from this post was, how can I have a business voicemail when I only have one phone line, and that one is my personal line. Well now you can keep your personal line and use the TextNow app to get a free business phone number. TextNow will give you a free phone number and voicemail , as well as send all of your business calls to your personal phone! Be sure to download the TextNow app and get your free business line and voicemail set up!

Special Business Cards

These may look like regular business cards but do not let the eye deceive you. These business cards are like mini portraits on material that is almost as thick as a credit card. These days people can easily store your business info in their phone, therefore the purpose of a business card seems irrelevant. But like many things that seem so vintage and begin to fall to the way side, its purpose is revamped and in an instant the concept of the business card is renewed! Think of a business card now as a representation of your brand. When designing mine, I went with a super thick card stock, a velvety smooth coating, and a high resolution image with my business name across the front so that I am not easily forgotten. Keep this in mind too, with so little people handing them out these days, you will be one of the few in your client’s pocket.

Build an Email List

Direct mailing is super expensive and not economical for a small business, that’s why I recommend that every small business builds a newsletter email list from day one. Think about it, direct access to customers who have opted in to receiving communication from you. I know, I know, this sounds like social media, but there is one HUGE difference. You own your email list and can communicate directly, where as social media algorithms can prevent your audience from seeing your content or worse, they can shut down your account all together and poof, your customer list is gone! Building a list is super easy, at every event you host, collect emails. Do a giveaway that collects emails. Put a bowl on your checkout counter that collects emails. Ask your customer to opt in to emailed receipts and in doing so ask if they would like to receive communications from your business. Perhaps a loyalty program to take it one step further?
Either way, an email list is a MUST!

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