4 Best Valentine’s Gifts for Women

Traditional Valentine’s gifts are always nice but for the guy who has given traditional and wants to add a special touch to his gift giving this Valentine’s Day, I have 4 Best Valentine’s Gift suggestions that she is going to LOVE!

4 Best Valentine’s Gifts for Her


Vincero Watch

This small batch boutique watch brand was created by three friends who noticed a need for a quality watch that won’t break the bank. The three friends noticed companies cutting corners in the manufacturing process creating under quality products that didn’t match their big price tag. I fell in love with Vincero’s classic look with a modern twist. Support small business entrepreneurs while getting a quality time piece for her with Vincero!


Vital Choice

I have recommenced Vital Choice before as I am an avid seafood lover and love their concept. You can receive a home delivered box of wild, organic seafood straight to your doorstep for an easy going Valentine’s meal for your seafood loving gal. The box comes packed full with salmon burgers, halibut, smoked salmon, salmon patties, scallops and more! Not only will she get to enjoy fresh and delisious seafood, but health and wellness experts endorse Vital Choice as a leading source of healthful, sustainable foods! The gift of deliciousness and health all in one!


Dinstuhl’s Fine Candies

I know I said I was going to share non-traditional gifts and chocolate is far from that, however this local candy company is super special and the story makes the chocolate a treat to be cherished! This local family owned candy shop has been around for over 100 years and every Valentine’s Day they take custom orders for chocolate heart boxes. You can choose your girls favorite assortment of hand dipped chocolates so she gets to enjoy all of her favorites. They also have the most delicious chocolate covered strawberries in the world. The strawberry recipe is a hand dipped family one that can’t be beat by your big brand manufacturing processes. Trust me, you will wow her with Dinstuhl’s.


Oyster Ring Dish

This one is a fun one because it requires you to get crafty. She will totally appreciate your effort. A gold foil authentic oyster ring dish for her to place by the sink to hold her rings will have her thinking of you on the daily and her swooning over the fact that you made her something special! I have the entire step by step how to make an oyster ring dish here.

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