4 Cleaning Schedule Ideas to Make Mom-Life Easier

Moms have busy lives — it turns out the pitter-patter of tiny feet can create more messes than you think. Sticking to a cleaning schedule can seem impossible. Fortunately, advances in technology make it easier to tackle time-consuming chores. A little know-how helps tackle the rest. Here are four cleaning schedule ideas to make mom-life easier. 

Get Automated 

Perhaps we’re not quite “The Jetsons,” where the push of a single button sends dinner shooting down a magical tube onto your plate — but we’re close. There’s a robot for nearly every cleaning task these days, from keeping your floors tidy to keeping your pet’s poop scooped. 

You could get out the vacuum daily when you have kids. Or you could let a robotic vacuum do the dirty work. Does disinfecting your tub daily seem like the stuff of science fiction? It’s not when you have an automated spritzer that starts as you exit your morning shower. 

You might consider a few of these other gadgets:

  • Automated litter box: It’s a must-have for pregnant mamas worried about toxoplasmosis. Have someone else empty it per the manufacturer’s instructions. 
  • Robot mop: Don’t feel left out of the robotic vacuum craze if you have hardwood. They make gadgets for every flooring type these days.
  • Smart room diffuser: Releases periodic whiffs of fresh scents throughout the day to keep your pad smelling amazing. They’re a must for teen rooms filled with sweaty socks.
  • Food recycler: You’d love to compost if you had the time. This device does it for you in three short hours. 
  • Self-cleaning toilet: A robotic arm does the dirty work on demand. Need we say more? 
  • Laundry folder: If you got the big bucks — think five figures — you’ll never have to fold five loads after coming home from a family holiday ever again. 

Use Your Existing Tech

“That sounds great,” you might be thinking, “but have you seen grocery prices these days? It’s going to be a while until I buy a new gadget.” If your wallet is a bit thin, don’t worry. You can still use this cleaning schedule idea to make mom-life easier: use your existing tech more effectively. 

Many people think of robots when they hear “tech,” but this term encompasses every type of tool. For example, you can reduce the dust in your home by changing your HVAC filtermore often. The folks at the EPA recommend doing so every two to three months, although you can do so more frequently if you have pets or smokers in the home. As a bonus, your family will breathe easier and be less likely to get sick from recirculating germs. 

Taking off your shoes before entering the house is a simple way to reduce wear and dirt. Place a rack in your entryway to remind folks to do so without saying a word. If you have a mudroom, why would you bring Fido in from a rainy day walk anywhere else? 

Furthermore, many of your home’s appliances may have a self-cleaning feature, not only your oven. Have you checked them? For example, multiple manufacturers now make microwavesthat do this. You’ll also find blenders, coffee makers and refrigerators — check the appliance’s paperwork if unsure. Moms with newer homes could be in for pleasant surprises. 

Swap Nagging for Delegating 

Does keeping your family on a cleaning schedule mean dragging everyone off the couch once a week amid a flood of complaints? Just say no to the tantrums by delegating weekly chores among tribe members, using a dry-erase board on your refrigerator. Give people a say in their assignments. For example, your eldest may not mind taking care of the recycling but hate laundry. Once they complete a task, the assigned family member checks it off for the week. 

What do you do when, inevitably, someone leaves a chore unfinished? Decide in advance as a family what the penalty should be. Although kids don’t like consequences, they’re more likely to accept those they deem fair — and how can they complain if their punishment was their idea? 

Take Advantage of Breaks in the Action 

Are chores like deep cleaning impossible to complete when your entire clan is home? Here’s a cleaning schedule idea that solves the problem — get it done when they’re away. 

For example, if you can’t do the floors with feet stepping all over, wait until the kids go to practice or a play date. If you can’t deep clean the kitchen with your kids and partner grabbing snacks, do it when they go to the park. 

Furthermore, don’t make your life harder than it should be. Sure, you’d love to do a deep clean before the big party, but guess what? The place will end up a mess, anyway, if your shindig is any fun. Go over everything quickly to tidy up before guests arrive, but save the big stuff for after the festivities. 

Cleaning Schedule Ideas to Make Mom-Life Easier

Moms’ lives are busy as it is. Besides, who wants to spend unnecessary time cleaning? The above cleaning schedule ideas can make mom-life easier. You’ll have your house looking ship-shape in no time and keep it that way with minimal effort.

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