4 Ways to Support Heart Health with Invitae

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With February being Heart Health month, I’ve spent time recently thinking about ways to get heart healthy. During #BlogHer20 Health in LA, I discovered several lifestyle changes and one beneficial DNA scan thanks to Invitae, a leading medical genetics company whose mission is to bring comprehensive genetic information into mainstream medicine to improve healthcare for millions of Americans!

3 Ways to Support Heart Health

Cardio Fitness

Cardio, or Aerobic, exercise uses repetitive contraction of large muscle groups that will get your heart beating faster. This is the most beneficial type of exercise for your heart and blood vessels, or cardiovascular system. Implementing regular cardio workouts into your routine can significantly lower your blood pressure and cholesterol. I choose exciting new ways to hype up my cardio workouts such as classes at SoulCycle. SoulCycle holds their classes in a dim, candlelit studio, led by the most magnetic instructors. You will surrender to the beat of the music and get lost in the energy and vibe! I also like to jog with my pups around the neighborhood or jog up and down my stairs for a quick 15-minute boost.


Research Genetic Health Factors

With the development of biology and DNA, we are now able to better understand our genetic makeup. Clinicians have relied on Invitae for over 1 million tests and now the same tests that have been available to doctors are made accessible to consumers through the Invitae website. Invitae is changing the future of healthcare and creating a world where genetic screenings are accessible and affordable for everyone. I took part in the Invitae Difference when I took their cardio screen test which looks at 77 genes to assess your risk of developing an inherited form of cardiovascular (heart) disease.

I was pleased to discover that my screen came back negative for all risks, but that doesn’t mean I am in the clear. It is important to initiate lifestyle changes such as working out and diet to help maintain heart health.


If you would like to initiate your test, you can do so via Invitae’s website. An independent clinician will review your personal health history before approving the test to order.


Diet Assessment | Diet Change

Eating heart healthy is a major part of cardiovascular health. A lot of us think we know what a heart healthy diet contains but it wouldn’t hurt to do a little more research. I love juicing for a quick vitamin and nutritional boost. Healthy fats, fruits, vegetables, beans, whole grains, low-fat dairy, fish and nuts as part of a balanced heart diet. Be sure to limit your intake of added sugars, salt (sodium) and bad fats (saturated and trans fats).


Attend Heart Healthy Events

Heart healthy and basic health events happen more frequently than one would think. I loved attending Invitae’s SoulCycle class in Santa Monica this February. I learned so much about heart health, such as the staggering fact that heart disease is the leading cause of death for women in the U.S. and heritable cardio conditions are not rare and are often under diagnosed. 20% of early heart attacks are caused by hereditary high cholesterol. I also got the opportunity to try healthy snacks and delicious juice recipes. I even got to go home with a SWAG bag full of heart health information and accessories.


Want to start your journey to better understanding your cardio health? Check out Invitae’s Genetic Cardio Screen!

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