5 Best Tips for Bathroom and Kitchen Cleaning + Best Gift for the Clean Freak Mom

OK, so this is waaaaay cool. You all know when it comes to being domesticated I am a about 50/50. I am GREAT at cleaning and not so hot at cooking. I will get there… anyway, when it comes to cleaning, I have the best tips and the coolest products. I am going to share my favorite bathroom and kitchen cleaning tips as well as why these specific tips are so important. I also want to share my newest, most favorite cleaning buddy.

Yes it is possible to kill 99.99% of odor causing bacteria in your USED sponge. Wow, I had no clue. I usually avoid sponges because if not brand new, they seem to be a breading ground for germs. Well I have officially squashed that notion after receiving my very own Sponge Bath! But before I give you the tutorial, let me give you my 5 best tips for bathroom and kitchen cleaning.

1. How to Clean Your Shower Head
Grab a grocery bag and pour an ample amount of white vinegar into it.  Submerge the shower head into the white vinegar and tie the bag so that it can soak over night. Remove the bag in the AM And allow the water to run through the shower to rinse the vinegar. This will cut the soap scum build up in a jif, well …. in a night.
Why is shower cleaning important? 
Did you know that your shower head can be home to mycobacterium avium a.k.a. a pathogen linked to pulmonary disease. Yep, and when you turn your shower on, the water sends this pathogen airbourne which  you will breath right into your lungs…eeeewwww.
2. How to Clean your Toilet Brush
By now there are plenty of products on the market for toilet bowl cleaner but what about the wand that cleans your porcelain thrown? Are you like me and gag at the thought of the toilet brush touching anywhere other than the toilet and it’s canister? Well, not sure that this tip will change that but it will give you a much cleaner toilet brush!
Rest the toilet brush in between your toilet and the toilet seat so that it hovers over the bowl, Pour bleach all over your brush and let it sit for a couple of minutes before pouring a pitcher of water over it to rinse. Pour hot baking soda water into the brush canister and let it sit for about 5 minutes. Then pour the dirty water into the toilet. Voile!
What happens when you flush your toilet?
Think of fireworks. When ignited, they explode! This is the same for your toilet. When you flush, germs and bacteria go airborne. make sure that you have a clean show and keep your toilet and its accessories sanitized.
3. How to Clean Kitchen Sponges
I used to just ditch my sponges after about 3 uses but now, you can wear them out with the Sponge Bath! This new invention is amazing. Just sit her next to your kitchen sink and toss your sponges into the bath after each use. When you want to go for round two, squeeze the top handles together and lift to wring out your sponge and use. The concentrated cleaning solution kills 99.99% of odor causing bacteria so that you are not being counterproductive wiping germs all over your counter while you clean, keeping your sponges like new!

These tips are my very own, however the Sponge Bath did sponsor this post for a product review. All reviews are my own and are honest!




4. How to Clean Your Ventilation Fan
First you need to prevent from electric shock so flip the breaker before cleaning. Pull of the ventilation cover and soak it in warm soapy water. With a sponge, scrub it clean. Use a vacuum nozzle to suck dirt and dust off of the fan and wipe it down with a damp cloth. With a dry paint brush, brush the motor and other internal parts clean of dust and suck up the remnants with a vacuum. Once the ventilation cover is dry, put it back on the fan and you are done!
Why is vent cleaning important?
The fan sucks up all of those gross particles lingering all over the kitchen and bathroom and some of them hang out on the fan blades. Complete a monthly cleaning to keep your air flow as fresh as possible.

5. How to Clean your Kitchen or Bathroom Sink
This seams pretty intuitive but I have a more “thorough” way. Besides cleaning the basin, you will want to rid the drain and pipes of bacteria. Pour baking soda or white vinegar down the drain and run hot water. Then take dental floss and clean the little grooves in your faucet. You know those places right above where the water comes out that tends to collect soap scum? Floss will bust that right out.
I like to cut a lemon in half and toss it in the garbage disposal for an instant fresh kitchen fragrence.

Why should you regularly clean your sink?
Did you know the sink is dirtier than you toilet? Yes! You heard that correctly. This means you should be doing weekly cleanings to fight the germs.



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