5 Contemporary Interior Designers You Need To Know

People develop different levels of appreciation for and specialization in different topics depending on their interests. Learning about new trends, activities, or pop culture will keep you in the loop if you are interested in topics like interior design, home improvement, and celebrities.

When a person specializes in a certain process, technique, or style, they devote themselves to becoming the best in their craft. These five contemporary interior designers you need to know have mastered different elements and styles to bring unique proposals you can get inspiration from.

Cristina Celestino

Her style combines traditional with contemporary items while mixing fashion and art. Her inspiration comes from paintings, and she encourages everyone to try new things, especially new colors. Colors can transform a space with simple details that could take you to a timeless experience. Her unique approach of playing with furniture location and proportions keeps people interested.

Rafael de Cardenas

This designer works a lot with art, taking inspiration from art galleries to transform spaces inside homes. The use of geometric shapes and art pieces complement each other to evoke different sensations that can only be described as unique. Most of his work focuses on using color and eye-catching elements like abstract kaleidoscopic paintings.

Tara Bernerd

Many luxury hotels reach out to Tara to help them achieve a look that will invite people in and make them feel welcome and special. The way she can transform a space from traditional to modern with specific and few details is a talent that only a few have. She works with industrial elements to bring a unique look that inspires others; here is everything you need to know about industrial interior design.

Joseph Dirand

His aesthetics range from modern to ultra-modern designs that rely on balance and spacing between elements. He grew up with the example of his parents, who also loved interior design, so his talent comes naturally. His inspiration comes mostly from minimalism, marble, and the use of lights to manipulate the ambiance of a room.

Francois Champsaur

This designer works mostly with color—a lot of colors. He understands the psychology of color behind each one of his designs completely but sometimes decides to push it a little further. This contemporary interior designer you need to know will inspire you to try things you didn’t think of before, pushing your boundaries to create something unexpected.

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