5 Must Haves for Camping in the Woods

Most of my childhood vacationing memories were of my family and my parent’s best friend’s family setting up camp together and roughing it for the long holiday weekends. We would go rafting, roast marshmallows, play on the playground, and as Andrea and I got older (Andrea was my dad’s best friend’s  oldest daughter) we would walk the campground snickering over the cute boys. Needless to say, while I am definitely a city girl, I can hold my own in the woods. And NO, I don’t prefer an air conditioned cabin, I actually like sleeping right on the ground!

From all of my years camping, there are 5 items that I recommend as MUST HAVE ITEMS when taking a trip to the woods.


5 Must Have Items for Camping in the Woods

Klymit KBS Double Down Sleeping Bag

You don’t have to sleep uncomfortably when sleeping outdoors. As a matter of fact, an entire camping experience can be ruined if you do not have the proper sleeping gear. I recommend outdoor sleeping gear from Klyimt. Klymit has a very wide array of sleeping arrangements for both cool and warm weather conditions.



My Klymit double person, down sleeping bag is not only super cozy, but is very convenient and lightweight for travel. It can be easily rolled into a drawstring carrying bag for easy transportation. This sleeping bag was designed for 3 season comfort to keep you and your significant other sleeping sound through the months of March – September. While it is made for two humans, it is not recommended for canine companions…at least Harley, my pup, didn’t take kind to being put in it!


Blade with Fire Starter

I can’t tell you how many times a knife comes in handy when camping and you can’t cook without a fire, so a knife/ fire starter combo will keep you in check while camping. I like to use the ParaKnife Magnesium Fire Starter. It is super easy to get the “out door oven” going when your tummy is rumbling with this handy tool.


Timberland Boots

Yes, these boots ARE made for walkin’. There are many brands out there but I have found that the most durable boots for a camping female are of the Timberland brand. They are quick to clean, protect the ankles when searching for firewood or hiking, and are not easily damaged. Also, the 90’s fashion statements have made a come back, so lucky for you and your boots, they can be worn on more than one occasion. I duo my Timberlands as camping shoes and edgy fashion boots. Two birds with one stone!


A Cooler

Nothing is worse than drinking hot beverages on a hot day. Bringing a cooler that can keep ice in it’s frozen state for longer periods of time will help when it comes to brewski time an preserving food! I love Coleman coolers and all of their other camping products for that matter. I have doubled up on my cooler as a beverage and food storage, as well as a seat for chilling around the campfire.


A Furry Security Alert

While a furry companion is not a must have when going camping, it sure does make for some extra security. A dog can smell, hear, and sense things that humans may not sense until it is too late. Having a dog in your tent can help to alert you of unwanted animals or visitors in the night. Harley is very alert and is also very good at waking me up when he feels something isn’t quite right. I am not saying it is OK to camp without other folks, in fact, I NEVER recommend this, just suggesting that you bring your canine to help protect the group. I sleep sounder when Harley is my tent-mate, as I know he has my back.


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  1. 10.23.18

    Great tips! Now that it’s cooler we would like to get back into camping.

  2. 10.23.18
    Mary Jingjing Mortos Lopez said:

    I think the most important for me is the knife when Im in camping. The tent lookes really cool though! All are useful indeed!

    • 10.24.18
      Alexandra Nicole said:

      Yes a knife is super important. I always feel like I have trouble getting a fire going so the fire starter has been so helpful!!!

  3. 10.23.18
    Ingrid said:

    I see that you are in you element camping in the woods. I have never been camping but you offer some good tips. The tent the security system, the knife and the fire starter are really invaluable when camping in the woods under the night sky. You are quit knowledgeable.

    • 10.24.18
      Alexandra Nicole said:

      Thank you girl! I really do enjoy a little dose of nature!

  4. 10.24.18
    alexis said:

    These are all great camping must-haves! My husband and I have been on the hunt for sleeping bags, so we will definitely check out this one asap! Since the weather is cooler, we’ve been “camping” inside with our son and need something comfortable to lay on.

    • 10.31.18
      Alexandra Nicole said:

      Oh you will LOVE this sleeping bag then!!! It is down and totally amazing!!! Pretty comfy sleep for sleeping on the ground!

  5. 10.24.18
    izzydavid said:

    These are such great tips! We haven’t been camping in forever, and we do have a HUGE security alert– our 120 lb Newfie. My husband is scared of camping, but I think you’re right– I think we’d feel okay with Maddie.

    Also, these pics are all so gorgeous.
    Isabella David Vintage

    • 10.31.18
      Alexandra Nicole said:

      Thank you girl! A pup always makes me feel super safe 😉