5 Reasons Why Every Woman Need Bathtime?

Have you noticed that the older you get, the more you neglect your need for self love and private time? Every time I start to become frazzled and need an instant fix, I immediately resort to a bath for taking the edge off. But I’m not the only one who suggests a bath for emotional healing, check out why the experts are saying that every hard working woman should make time for a bath.

5 Reasons Every Woman Needs Bath Time

1   Spiritual Healing 
Did you know that bathing for psychological and spiritual health has been practiced in the most ancient civilizations such as Rome, Egypt, and Scandinavia to name a few? It is thought with the addition of certain essential oils, you can cleanse your spiritual aura. As a Christian I have some pretty firm beliefs on soul cleansing but, I can get down with a little cedar oil as an ancient medicine of protection or Frankincense to rid your soul of depressive vibes and to promote clairvoyance in your life. The oils alone may not be totally legit, but if your mind associates a scent with a positive feeling, then that’s all you need to one up yourself!

2   Emotional Healing
There is a connection with the warmth of the water and emotional warmth. A quiet bath can satisfy our need for an inner emotional connection when we are feeling lonely as it helps to “release the neurotransmitter, serotonin and acts like a natural anti-depressant.” (Monique Blake, The Red Door Salon and Spa)

3   Sense of Balance
I learned in a Family Circle magazine that like 70% of the world being made up of water, so is our body! Soaking by candle light silently in a warm bath can give a sense of balance and connection with many other of God’s magnificent creations.

4   Reset the Week
The best time for a bath is Sunday night about an hour before bed so that you may reset your mind and soul for the week to come! I recommend turning on some spa tunes, lighting your favorite candles, ditching any electronic devices with “dinging distractions”, dropping in a floral bath bomb or essential oil, and using a rolled towel to support the neck for total relaxation. Rid your mind of the stressors left behind in the week or the worries creeping up for the week to come. Just be still.

5   Body Health
Research shows that spending an hour in the bath can have anti-inflammatory and blood sugar benefits. Give your joints and muscles a break and treat them to a little love after a long day on your feet.


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