5 Secrets for Staying Comfortable and Fashionable on the Job

Ladies are always asking, “How do I stay classy while being the most comfortable that I can be?” Well ask no more! Today I am sharing my top 5 secrets to staying comfortable while on the job.

What Is Ath-leisure Work Wear?
It’s no secret I am a huge fan of athleisure-wear, but I have taken it a step further and developed an athleisure style that can be seen as work casual. Anytime I see a black cotton dress, I snag it for my closet. Yes I have about 10 variations and cuts of the LBCD (little black cotton dress) but it never fails to meet every style need of the day. I begin the day in my dress for work. After work, I throw on tennis shoes for going to get the kids and running other errands. Because the dress is cotton, tennis shoes just takes the look down to a sporty casual. Then, time for the gym! I throw on leggings with my dress and tie up the bottom in a side knot to make it look like a fitted tunic. Talk about time capsule wardrobe and taking your work wear all the way down to athletic wear. My most favorite cotton black dresses lately have come from DiscoverPeach.com!

The Top Knot 
I think hair always looks lovely freshly curled and styled, but after a long and mobile work day, your hair can either be frizzy and wild, or flat and limp. In the hotter months, my neck will sweat and cause my hair to look slightly wet. Eliminate bad hair with a super stylish top knot. If you have thin straight hair, wear your knot sleek with no stray hairs for an office appropriate look. I use old panty hose or a sock to make a donut for the perfect top bun or knot. If you have wild and fun hair, just let it poof for a fabulous up do like Sheree’s hair in the photo above! HOW TO: SOCK BUN


Light Weight Jewelry
Although they don’t look like it, the chandelier geo-shaped earrings below are super lightweight. They are very stylish to give my outfit a little pop but the thin metal makes them feel as if they are non-existent. My bangles look chunky and sturdy but honestly, they are faux tortoise and are also light weight. These little style details can spice up your fashion without adding weight to your work outfit.


Tunic Tops and Ponte Pants
Ponte Pants tend to be a fitted trouser or even legging style with a cotton spandex knit fabric. My favorite part is that they usually come in a pull on cut. The cotton fabric choice makes these bottoms more comfortable while the spandex blend helps to add security. Because these bottoms are generally a legging, pencil, or cigarette cute, tunics are suggested for pairing. Everyone knows how amazing tunic are! They are generally loos fitting and can easily be spruced up with a little jewelry.

Unconventional Shoes
Tennis shoes are great but are about the most dressed down style of shoe you can choose next to a house slipper. I would not suggest this for corporate jobs, but if you have a little rope in your required work attire, opt for some super comfortable and stylish boots. I like pairing Timberlands with my dresses for a little edge and a lot of comfort! If you do have a corporate job, try souping up your kicks with gel inserts and heel pads.

Photos By: Mary Kate Steele
Styling For: StyleBlueprint

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