5 Steps to Look Beautiful Without Makeup

Here’s me on the days that I have time to do my hair and makeup. Those days are very few and far between being a single momma with two young boys in the house. For the past couple of years, it is all I can do to plant my feet on the ground in the mornings to get Jack ready for school when I have been up all night tending to James. I know, I know, relish the days because soon they will be grown and I will miss the sleepless nights, but do I have to relish them with zero confidence in my new mom look? Not anymore! Mom’s I am going to share the 5 things I have done to boost my confidence when it comes to appearance and to feel I look pretty without makeup.

Here is the old mom me! Not saying that I look horrible, I just didn’t feel all that pretty. Let’s be honest. This look took all but 5 minutes. Put on clothes, throw my hair in a mom bun, brush my teeth, and out the door for an entire day! I must admit, the look isn’t appropriate for a day full of work, but hey, I was doing the best I could.

and now ….. MY BIG REVEAL! Watch the video.

5 Steps to Look Beautiful Without Makeup

My Product Recommendations:


I visited ARD Studios and April, the owner reconstructed my sparse brows. Microblading will instantly frame your face and now I feel like I don’t need makeup to have dimension! Check out her website to see all of her before and after pictures. If you still aren’t sure what microblading is, check out my post, What is Microblading and Does It Work?


Brightening and straightening my teeth really helped to bring light to my face and draw eyes to my smile without using highlighters. I really loved the Opalescence Whitening syringes that I found on Wikibuy. They come in several different strengths depending on your sensitivity and frequency. By the way, I love using Wikibuy to find the lowest prices on the web!


Amy Wood, of Taylor Wood Salon , introduced me to individual lash extensions. They help to wipe the tired mom look from my face and eliminate mascara from my beauty routine all together. Can you believe they last almost a month and feel completely weightless? I have recapped my experience in one of my recent blog posts, Enhance Lashes without Mascara.
If you want a more temporary option, you can do clusters! They are not weightless but can be nice for a week vacation! For the clusters, I have used Tweaked by Tron.


My discovery of salt spray has turned my bed head upside down! My salt spray brings live back in to my locks for a full day of work and momming. My favorite salt spray is by Davines. It seems to hold the longest and work the best!


This treatment uses patented technology (a medical-grade device) to cleanse, extract, and hydrate your skin. I love how it clears dead skin cells, loosens pores, and preps them for extraction using a mix of glycolic acid, salicylic acid, and botanical extracts.


A really good lip product can do your mouth wonders. Look for a product that adds true hydration back into your pout. Hydration will help to instantly plump out fine lines, making your mouth more supple and full. Image Lip Enhancer is my favorite. It isn’t like slapping on a Chapstick or gloss, it truly works to correct and condition!

I am also giving away a beauty box with my favorite skincare and fall beauty products so be sure to sign up below and also stay tuned for a Fall Beauty Guide going live on the blog today!

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