5 Things to Know About Living in the City

About 80% of America’s population live in the city, according to the latest US Census statistics. If you’re living in a more rural area but are thinking about moving to a big city, the changes can be daunting if you aren’t prepared. Sponsored Guest Post

Here are a few things that you should know before you make a purchase among Ottawa real estate or any other large metropolitan area.


You Might Want to Ditch Your Car

Especially in a big city, having a car may not make a lot of sense due to traffic and many other driving challenges. In places like New York City, you’ll probably get to where you want to go faster on foot. If you need to travel a longer distance, public transportation is usually better than getting behind the wheel and it’ll save you a ton of money too.

Still think you need that car? Consider parking. Not only can it be difficult to find a spot if you aren’t assigned your own, but it can be extremely expensive. Planning to park at your new workplace? Don’t assume it will be free as many employers don’t have free parking and won’t reimburse you for your parking expenses. When you’re at home, you might have to move your car during street sweeping hours on certain days of the week which can be a major hassle.

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Your Dining Options Will Probably be Endless

You’re unlikely to ever get bored with the endless dining options in a big city. Within just a few blocks you’ll probably have your pick of meals from around the world, from Italian, Cuban and Mexican to Moroccan, Ecuadoran, Indian, Greek, Thai and American. Good thing you’ll be doing more walking to burn off all those calories.

On the Downside, You May Have to Wait

While it’s no always the case, you’re probably going to have to wait for a table, especially on a Friday or Saturday night. In a smaller town, when one place is too busy, you can usually find a place to get served quickly around the corner, but that’s generally not the case here. By going out earlier you can usually avoid the crowds, or you can always make a reservation ahead of time if they’re accepted and if not, grab a cocktail and wait for your table

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You May Not Have Much Elbow Room

When you’re living in a big city, you won’t have a lot of personal space. Oftentimes, you’ll step out your front door onto a heavily-trafficked sidewalk. It can be a bit unnerving, especially if you haven’t had your morning coffee yet.


It’s Easier to Make Friends or Find a Date

With all those people, you’re much more likely to find others who have similar interests, whether you want to hook-up romantically, make new friends or both. Most neighborhoods have all sorts of local clubs, from reading and running groups to wine tasting and just about everything you can think of. That makes it easy to meet up with likeminded people, connecting with others while doing what you enjoy.

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