5 Tips for Optimizing Your E-Commerce Packaging

Many consumers are turning to e-commerce businesses to purchase products. These same consumers expect their products to come through the mail without damage and in packaging that reflects your brand. This is often one of the few interactions you have with customers, so making a lasting impression with the packaging you choose is a must. Optimize your e-commerce packaging with these tips to give your customers a memorable experience.

Downsize Packaging When Appropriate

High shipping costs can be a major problem for e-commerce businesses, but one way to combat this is to downsize your packaging when appropriate. Using a box or poly bag larger than it needs is unnecessary and will only raise the shipping cost because the package weighs more. Try to keep your packaging as small as possible to help conserve resources and save money.

Consider Adding Digital Elements

Did you ever consider adding digital elements to your packaging? A QR code the customer can scan on the side of the packaging can create a whole new experience. This QR code could lead them to a discount, how-to instructions for the item inside, or a page to review the product and receive a free gift. More and more of our lives are becoming digital. Consider adding this element to your packaging to elevate your brand!

Keep Sustainability in Mind

Using sustainable resources in packaging is extremely important because it helps reduce the amount of waste we’re adding to our landfills and the environment, among several other benefits. However, some packaging can be more challenging to recycle because the customer needs to follow extra steps to ensure they’re recycling the materials correctly. This can be very annoying, so you should consider frustration-free packaging that makes recycling these materials easy.

Make Your Packaging Easy To Open and Return

Another frustration customers of e-commerce businesses might encounter is dealing with boxes that are challenging to open and packaging that makes returning the products difficult. For easy-to-open packaging, don’t over-tape the box. Instead, ensure you’re using materials that protect the items inside. Returning products should also be straightforward for customers. The packaging should be returnable, and there should be a simple way to print the return label. For instance, you can make it available on your website.

Brand Your Business

What you use for packaging has the potential to help brand your business. One of the best tips for optimizing your e-commerce packaging is to skip the plain materials and design a package with your brand’s identity in mind. Creating your own graphics to print on the packaging leads to a unique experience for your customers that encourages them to come back to your online shop to purchase more products.

How you package products for your e-commerce business can determine whether a customer is satisfied with their purchase. This is because the packaging is the first thing the customer will see, and it protects the items inside during shipping. Use the above advice to optimize this area of your business for greater success.

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