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6 Gift Goodies for Expecting Moms & My Announcement

Mommy posts? You may ask…YES! We are at it again! Round two and with only 32 weeks to go! I know, I know, SUPER early but we have heard our little gummy bear’s heart beat and all looks perfect on the radar. The first time around I had no clue on what to expect so I did not do many preggers posts but it only takes one time to feel like an expert. It’s like riding a bike… once you experience it, you don’t forget the shortcuts and tips for making the experience more pleasurable.

All pregnancies are different, so I am learning. With Jack, it was a breeze. I wouldn’t have known I was pregnant until my tummy began to grow and when I would have an emotional outburst…thank God the outbursts were very few and far between. This time, it is a little different. I am not as emotional but I am physically EXHAUSTED constantly…which is horrible for my schedule, I am addicted to sweets….which is horrible for my diet…and I get random motion sickness and constant hunger pangs. Sounds horrible right? Honestly, it’s not that bad, I am managing. After all, I am a business woman…No rest for the weary or Prego Popcicle and Boston Cream monster. I should say. I am praying for a super energetic 2nd trimester, like last time.
Although this pregnancy seems to be different there are 6 items that I rushed to the shop to purchase after the 4 pregnancy tests read “YOU’RE UP THE DUFF”

If this is your first time, or you are reading this as a gift idea for an expecting mother, these items will seem dull. They aren’t multifunctional, miraculous mom gifts, but they are practical and their small presences will make huge differences in comfort.


The 6 Gift Goodies – & WHY

(in no specific order)

1. Granny Panties – I prefer mid-rise scoop undies. 

“EWWWW…THIS SOUNDS HORRIBLE!” you may be thinking to yourself but honey, the sexy thongs and low rise cheekys are OUT…at least until your little bundle arrives. In your first trimester, you may be feeling bloated, a little gassy, and crampy at times. I learned very quick that my normal gal undies were going to need to sit on the bench while I opted for comfort. I know the term “granny panty” sounds SUPER SEXY :-/ BUT…. they actually can be! Go for the seamless. light weight or even lace mid-waist undies and you will be flaunting sexy and comfort at the same time! Besides, grandma’s era is kind of coming back. You know what they say, fashion always makes it’s rounds!
I really liked the Jockey brand and Target’s brand of undies. 

 2. Coobie Bra

Feeling pretty while going through all of these drastic body changes is a must in order to enjoy your experience. It is super easy to have ugly Betty moments when you look around at all of they cute girlies in the newest crop top trend, but I found that feeling sexy underneath kept my confidence high. I mean…what is more sexier than a strong woman creating a human being with her bare bones…. and of course the great mane that your prenatals provide (I promise your hair will be better than hers!) Snag yourself a seamless, cotton lace lined Coobie bra. If you are smaller like me, go ahead and get the one size AND the full size (you are going to need it down the road…trust me). I promise your matching, super comfy undie set will have you feeling like a goddess when you take your morning and evening mirror checks of the new bump. I know it sounds crazy…but trust me….

 3. A Tervis Tumbler (this is the one I got)


This will come in handy on your nightstand. Make sure to get one with a lid so that you don’t pour water all over yourself or your partner in your haziness. I have learned from experience.
I encourage all new moms to go and grab a special tumbler for her pregnancy. Yea…yea…drink lots of water says your doctor, and they are right, but if you are like me and many other pregnant ladies, your lips are going to become the sister of death valley with cracks for days…. I found that the best way to combat the desert storm is not to slather loads of lip balm, but to over exaggerate H2O. You will already be bloated and your potty breaks throughout the night will increase so no worries of extra water weight or interrupted sleep. (I am only teasing….kind of ;-). I found that having a special Tervis just for my pregnancy made me feel special and made me stop to appreciate my new little bundle every time I looked up and saw it on my desk or nightstand. 


 4. Prenatal Vitamins

Duh…I know, I know but a little advice…choose the gummies! They are yummy and I actually look forward to them in the morning. Like a little preggo treat! Also, make sure to sniff under the cap before purchasing. Your sense of smell will compete with a hound dog during this time and there is nothing worse than a heavy supplement whiff in the morning. I went through several prenatals before I could find one with a smell that I could tolerate. 

 5. Tummy Rub Oil

Make him do it…no…not on himself, on you! It is a great time for bonding as a family. A new addition is super exciting and at the same time, stressful for both parents. spend time every evening rubbing Tummy Oil on your bump…and thighs. This will not only help to increase elasticity to reduce the likelihood of stretch marks, but will also increase the likelihood of other pleasurable things….HEY MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER! 😉 
6. A Night Shirt


Having a special sleep shirt throughout your pregnancy is comforting and also special….let me explain. First of all, your hips will be spreading and your thighs may grow for the time being. I found my typical top and pant PJs to become uncomfortable pretty quickly. I opted for a jersey nightgown shirt. I chose a large so that it would fit me throughout my entire pregnancy and guess what, on the first night with my new bundle, I snuggled with my night shirt and my baby. I caught myself thinking… last time I had this on, he was in my tummy. It was a special feeling. I saved my night shirt and will be getting a new one for this pregnancy. 

Have any other baby mama jama for me? Just leave questions in the comments below! 
Thank you so much for reading!


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