6 Reasons Painting Your Master Bedroom Is the Perfect Spring Project 

Spring is a season of renewal. Flowers bloom, the cold air from winter leaves and birds and butterflies return. It’s also a time to take on house projects you planned the previous year. 

Deep cleaning and renovating are associated with the season for many homeowners, with painting being at the forefront of many to-do lists. 

With all the home improvements, our master bedrooms are often left without much of a refresh. Here is why painting that room is the perfect spring project. 

It Helps Us Relax

Your master bedroom should be a relaxing environment; certain colors can elicit feelings of calm and rest. 

Humans are evolutionarily connected to nature. Being around colors and elements that embrace that connection can help reduce stress and help you feel at peace. Earth tones like greens, browns and clay reds work well as primary or accent colors. 

Warm-tone neutrals also soothe the mind, while cooler tones make us more awake and alert. Stark white and blue undertones are good for productivity but probably aren’t the best choice for your master bedroom. 

One way to help you stay relaxed in the evening but get alert in the morning is to paint your master bathroom with a cool undertone while your bedroom stays warm and inviting. 

It Refreshes the Room 

Spring means spring cleaning for most, with many scrubbing areas untouched for the rest of the year. Though you can clean your walls, an extra coat of paint can refresh them like nothing else. 

Giving your wall an extra coat of paint every five years or socan help keep them fading and looking old. Not only is that less attractive for guests, but it can make you feel less confident about your home, making you want to spend less time there. 

Your master bedroom should be a paradise for you and your partner. It shouldn’t be mentally taxing to look at a color you used to love but has since faded. 

If you’re sick of your bedroom color, spring is the perfect time to paint it something new. Milder weather can help your walls dry more effectively. Plus, if you are spring cleaning anyway, cleaning up after you paint can serve that purpose. 

It Protects Your Walls 

Adding a new coat of paint can add layers of protection to your walls, making them less vulnerable to chips and cracks that could lead to wall damage. 

Your wall is made of many parts, and exposed brick or drywall contributes to potential frame damage, which can mess with your home’s structure. Paint is another layer an impact would have to breach to affect your wall significantly. 

A new coat of paint also assists with water damage protection. While moisture-resistant paint is mainly preferred for basements, it can’t hurt to protect your room if you live in an area prone to weather that can burst pipes or cause a roof leak. 

Many different formulations out there assist with making your walls stronger, a much easier solution than fixing your home’s frame. 

You Can Replace Wallpaper

If you don’t have paint in your master bedroom, spring is a great time of year to change that. Wallpaper can be nice but also a pain to install and replace. Exposed features are nice but too much can make your home seem too bare-bones or industrial and leave it vulnerable to damage. 

Spring is the time for renewal and renovation, and giving your master bedroom walls that are easier to maintain helps keep your walls fresher for longer. Painted walls are also the most sanitary option. It can be hard to disinfect wallpaper without causing damage. 

Painting your walls is also an easy way to raise your home’s value, benefitting you if you ever plan to sell. Research shows that a fresh coat of paint could get you thousands more than you previously would. 

It’s a Way to Experiment 

When families take on a painting project, they pick up more than one. If you plan to refresh multiple rooms, your master bedroom could serve as a good canvas for trying new paint formulas and techniques.

Most visitors aren’t going to visit your master bedroom, making it a private place to play with colors and designs before you expose them to the rest of your home. For kids, it’s also a great way to know what to expect if their bedroom gets painted and can motivate them to help out with that experience. 

Once you figure out your plan, you can reward yourself with repainting your bedroom first, creating a place to relax and having time to yourself when tackling other paint jobs gets to you. 

You Deserve It 

We often put off painting places like our master bedrooms since not many people ever see them. Another project might seem more important, and the time and effort might seem better when it’s placed elsewhere. 

As a homeowner, you deserve to have a place to rest in, indulge in self-care and adore. Your master bedroom is a sanctuary for so many private moments; having it a color you love can enhance your experiences. 

Your master bedroom is your domain, and you deserve to have it however you choose. It is a way to maintain your mental health, making it worth it. Your private space is just as important as anywhere else in your home. 

Painting Your Master Bedroom this Spring

Spring is a wonderful time to refresh your home, including your master bedroom. The room should serve as a sanctuary for you and your partner. Painting is an excellent way to make your walls shine and help you enjoy it more.

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