7 Handy Tips to Keep Your Home Clean & Organized for Busy Moms

However  big  or  small  your  house, condo  or  apartment  is, when  it’s  a mess, it  feels  like  that  it  takes  forever  to  clean  up  and  organized. And  if  you  are  a  working  momma, you  just  don’t  have  enough  time  to  clean  as  much,  or  as  thoroughly,  as  you  would  like.  Your  professional  life, kid’s  homework, time  with  your  spouse  and  all of your other  commitments can easily take precedence. It seems we  just  skip  over  the task of cleaning  and  brood  later  about  the  tasks  we  need  to  be  doing  rather than  actually  doing  anything  about  them.


Did you know there  is  a  psychological  factor  involved; the  more  the  home  is  a  wreck , the  lazier  we  feel. We  become  less  productive. On  the  other  hand,  when  your  home  is  clean,  the  calmer  you  feel; you  love  spending  time at  home. It  makes  you  feel  energized  and  more  focused. Clutter  in the household can  negatively  affect  you. If  you  are like my father and reside  in  or  around  NJ, you  can  go  for  cleaning services nj  which  is  one  of  the  best  and  most  trustworthy cleaning companies in the market. For all all of my mommas outside of Jersey, hiring a personal maid will take the stress of cleaning off your plate so you can focus on all the more important things!

Here  are  some  handy  tips  to  keep  your  house  clean  and  organized in the meantime.

If  It  Doesn’t  Look  Dirty, Don’t  Clean  it

You  may  think – ‘it’s  gross’, but  this  practice  is  actually  very  beneficial. When you only focus on the things that must be cleaned, not only do you save time,  but  it  is  also  better  for  your  immune  system. This  allows  you  to  focus  on  areas  that  actually need  cleaning, rather  than  cleaning  everything  for  the  sake  of  it.


Get  Rid  of  Stuff  You  Don’t  Use

Many  of  us  have  several  items  lying  around  the  house  that  we  may  no  longer  use  or  require. Some things  are ok to hang on to, like  a  lovely  gift  from  some one  special; but  most  of  the  times, we hang on to useless  clutter  that  takes up  space  on  your  table  tops  and  shelves.  It  is  best  to get rid  of  it. Donate, recycle  or  dispose  of  these items and move on.

Divide  Cleaning  Up  Across  Every  Weeknight

It  sounds  like  this will  take  more  time , but  the  fact  is,  if  you  divide  up  cleaning  during  the  week, it  takes  less  time  overall. This  will  allow  you  to  focus  more  on  the  task  at  hand, rather  than  trying  to  accomplish  everything in one shot. So plan  to  clean  different  areas  on  different  days.


Always  Rinse  and  Put  Dishes  in  the  Dishwasher  After  Each  Meal

Rather  than  running  your  dishwasher  after  every  meal, simply  rinse  off  your  dishes  and  place  them  in the dishwasher  throughout  the  week.  Run  the  dishwater  only  when  it  is  full.

Always  Keep  Cleaning  Supplies  near  the  Areas  Where  You  use  Them

Keep several pairs of chemical-resistant nitrile gloves in your cleaning storage areas as well, so you never forget to wear them. Chemical cleaners can be harsh on your hands; it’s best to keep your hands protected every time you clean.

This  is   pretty  straightforward.  When  you  have  to  do  some  weeknight  spot  cleaning,  keeping  kitchen  cleaners  in  the kitchen  and  bathroom  cleaners  in  the bathroom spares  you  any  inconvenience and saves  you  precious  time  and  effort.


Use Trendy Storage Cubes for Small Items

For  smaller  items  in your  home  that  tend  to  be  constantly lying around, get  some  beautiful  storage  cubes  to  keep  them  out  of  sight. After  you  have assigned  a  proper  place  for  these  smaller  items, make  sure  they  get  returned  after  every use. This  will  save  you  a  lot  of  time  and  effort  while  making  your  room  look  neat.

Opt  for  House  Cleaning  Services

If  you  have  little  time  and  energy  to  spend  on  cleaning  and  organizing  your  home,  which  is  probably  the  case  if  you  are  working  and  busy, you  can  go  for  specialist  cleaning  services  provider. They  not  only  specialize in  providing  expert  cleaning  solutions  for  various  types  of   cleaning, organizing  and  maintenance  in  your  home  like  carpet  cleaning, window  cleaning, walls  and  ceiling  cleaning  and  many  more, but  will  also  custom-fit  these  services  according  to  your  requirements. 

So  if  you  opt  for  house  cleaning  services, that  makes  your  life  so  much  easier,  and  you  can  still  care  for  your  home  while  focusing  on  your  professional  obligations  and  responsibilities.

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