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A Journey to 30: A new Chapter, A New Beginning

Well it seems as though I might make it out alive, the 20’s that is. With roughly 3 months until I turn 30, I can’t help but to site here on this long flight back from Vegas and reflect on the last decade of my life. Yes, I am a fashion and beauty writer, but as you all know from past posts, (my brother’s passing) I like to use my blog as a type of therapy, mainly for myself, but also largely in part to help others…. so it is time again, time to get real. 





So this is how my twenties started. In this picture I had just arrived to England as a newly 20 year old young adult. So full of life without a worry in the world. No consequences, little responsibility other than grades, and a social life that wouldn’t quit. It seems as though I spent the majority of my 20’s as a serial dater. Some guy from Ireland, some guy from Scotland, a dude from England, oh and there was one from Argentina, a gentleman from TN, and a not so gentleman from MN. Don’t get me wrong, these were all real relationships and totally fulfilled my fascination for exploring different cultures and personalities. Let’s just say I have had my fair share of young gal giddiness and heart breaks. 




23 years old with my girls – Still friends today! I am the last in my 20’s!

I have lived in 7 apartments, have had 5 jobs from part time makeup artist and bartender to full time professional in the corporate world and rounding up the later part of my 20’s as a young entrepreneur. I achieved a bachelor’s degree and will have a master’s degree before the decade is up!

I have had some REALLY great times dancing the night away with all of my girls. I have experienced some activities that were probably a little to dangerous to partake, such as climbing on top of a roller coaster after hours just to say I did. I can confidently say that I have experienced true heartbreak with the passing of my younger brother and pure unconditional love with the birth of my son. I sealed the deal by saying “I do” to my sweet husband.  I feel like I have accomplished quite a bit, yet I am still searching. After pondering long and hard why I continue to look, I realize that there is still so much left for me to learn about myself. The inner me.
 26 years old with my sister and brother.
In my 20’s I have been structured, reckless, focused, discombobulated, determined, indifferent, insecure, confident, unsure, spontaneous, careful, put together,  taken apart, on extraordinary highs, and detrimental lows….
I want to start my 30’s off with grace, confidence, and a greater sense of self-awareness. This is why I am going to embark on “A Journey to 30” so that I may come closer to the understanding of my life’s purposes. I say purposes with a plural because I have identified one, being a mother. I no longer live my life solely for me and I love it. Life purpose number 1 has been discovered but in order to truly succeed I need to be sure of a few more things.
28 years old with my family



My Bucket List to 30:
1.  A Spiritual Awakening. When I was a younger girl in my pre-teen years, I was so in touch with my beliefs and spiritual intuitions. Somewhere along the road I have completely lost my way.
I want to vow to attend a church with my husband and son every Sunday as well as to spend a weekend alone in a silent retreat. 
2. Couple’s Therapy. Every relationship needs a little extra loving.  
My husband and I never completed the couple’s course recommended by the Catholic church before marriage last year. I think it would be a great idea to dive deeper into each other with a 6 week couples therapy. Let’s go ahead and honor the recommendations of the church and most other marriage professionals while celebrating our love. 
3. A Healthy Me.  I am so lucky to have the gift of life.  
In order to show God that I appreciate this gift and to come closer to spiritual awareness it is necessary to feed the mind and body with nourishing foods. I am going to explore the relm of pescatarianism, juicing, and power teas. I guess this means no more wine. 🙁  I CAN DO IT!
4. Building Relationships. To have healthy relationships in your life is to continue in growth.
I want to focus a lot of my time and energy into really getting to know those that are such an important part of my life as well as to add a few more life long friends.
I can’t wait to start my Journey to 30 and with only 3 months left, I have a pretty hefty list.
Stay tuned for updates on my discoveries, challenges, and adventures!











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