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Accent Wallpaper is all the rage these days in the home decor space and I am all for it. I have featured many wallpaper styles from Photowall throughout my home, many as an accent wallpaper and others featuring as closet wallpaper. I have even made a jewelry wall using fun wallpaper. In this post, I am showing you how I transformed a spot in my closet into a beautiful jewelry storage area using Photowall Wallpaper.


Before my DIY Accent Wallpaper Project

So above was my space before. I had already found these super cute jewelry stackers on Amazon. They have so many styles and colors to choose from suitable for any closet style. I wanted to have a place to hang my necklaces so that they don’t get too tangled up in my stackers, therefore I decided to do an accent wallpaper necklace wall.

wallpaper application

The Project

When ordering my accent wallpaper from Photowall, I was sure to include the application kit which comes with all the tools needed to easily hang the wallpaper. First, I mixed up the glue solution and applied it to the space where the wallpaper would be hanging.

accent wallpaper

Photowall makes it super easy to hang wallpaper as they send the mural based off the measurements that you submit. The paper comes with “cut lines” so you know where to cut the rows in order to line up the wallpaper mural. Once my paper was up and dried, it was time to create the storage space.

These super cute hook bars from Lowes were a perfect match to my closet style and wallpaper design. After measuring out the space, I drilled them into the wall and began hanging necklaces.

Once all my necklaces were hung, I added back the jewelry stackers and. My super cute accent wallpaper jewelry space was complete. It really added a fun little twist to my closet space, and the best part is, it took less than an hour to complete.

closet style

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Accent Wallpaper Ideas

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