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It seems that the demand for true craftsmanship faded  in the past decades and price over quality became a huge motivating factor for buying. Due to increasingly poor quality of goods, especially in the fashion industry, the search for handcrafted items that guarantee their work has increased and small business offerings are back in the game! I have especially made the cognitive decision to treat my closet like a fashion collection and only purchase unique handcrafted jewelry when it comes to accessorizing.

I have recently come across a small business, hand forged jewelry brand named P2 Jewelry based out of Texas. I have a special attachment to handmade goods as far as the artist’s inspiration behind the making and these pieces really have a beautiful story! Mother daughter duo, Patty and Penelope, create jewelry designs influenced by their time spent traveling abroad, their experiences together, and the hobbies that they love. When wearing their jewelry I truly feel like I have taken a special piece of their journey together which adds a cherished element to the design.

I have chosen 5 hand forged, one of a kind P2 Jewelry designs in which Patty and Penelope customized the look to fit my accessory wardrobe. Upon asking the mother daughter team about their inspiration behind the pieces, I was amazed at the intricate detail from their experiences, memories, and love for life, that is worked into every piece.

1. The Egyptian Royalty Pendant

Modern meets ancient in this Egyptian piece. The idea behind the Egyptian line was initially inspired by articles found in an old National Geographic article that was buried in the basement of Penelope and Patty’s home. Dusting off the ancient style with aged bronze to add a hint of history to your everyday look, I love the idea of carrying around a little history with you every day.


2. Hint of Bollywood Earrings

The Hint of Bollywood design is inspired by the designer’s travels abroad and all the amazing textures and shapes that are used so differently across the world. The mother daughter team was amazed by the beautiful ways that Asian cultures use geometrical shapes integrated into their most historical locations. These earrings are classy and elegant yet delicately textured so that they catch everyone’s attention.


3. Blooming Stars Studs
Inspired by vintage style with a modern twist, the Blooming Star earrings combine the natural beauty of petal shapes with a beautiful star pattern. A sublet yet elegant way to add beauty to your style, you will be in full bloom with these bronze earrings with sterling silver posts. Inspired by rural Texas, these earrings capture the beauty of reflected stars on a clear summer night. A natural repeating pattern with a touch of elegance, the Blooming Stars are as perfect way to add a little bit of night mystery to your adventurous style.


4. Bronzed Cross Bracelet

The bronze cross design was born out of the mother daughter duo’s desire to find a sturdy yet beautiful way to express their faith. The champagne colored beads catch the sun’s rays just right and add a little shimmer to your day. A beautiful mix between delicate and feminine with a quality that will never break, this bronze cross is the perfect every day piece that goes with everything and lets you explore your faith in style.


5. Illuminati Medallion

The illuminati necklace is meant to be a conversation starter. It’s a hand-forged bronze medallion with turquoise rosary chain with a lobster claw clasp. This design was meant to add a little intrigue to your everyday look in a stylish yet unique way. Patty and Penelope always love a good mystery or science fiction book so this design in particular was inspired by their love of fantasy and adventure!


I have truly fallen in love with this heartfelt, handcrafted brand. The designers behind the brand are deep and thoughtful creators that genuinely pour love into every piece that starts from an idea and develops into fruition. Want the perfect gift for your mom, daughter, or that special lady in your life? Head on over to P2 Jewelry and give the gift of handcrafted heart this holiday season.


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